Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mutant Epoch available in March!

The third round of proofs are on their way to the Studio, the content rich official web site all but done, the free content PDFs loaded and the forum's being tweaked. This is it. The TME Hub rules book will be available at Createspace,, Drive Thru RPG, RPGnow as print books, as well as PDF versions through your games now, and the previously mentioned outlets. We will also order a limited quantity for the two game stores here in Kamloops, as well as several to be mailed to reviewers and several international customers who want signed copies direct from us. We will be posting much more frequently once the launch has happened.


  1. Awesome, been looking forward to this one for awhile!

  2. So.

    Is it finally lived, can se send your are cold hard cash yet for a copy?

    ~ Gwarh a.k.a. Chris McNeil

  3. Hi Aonymous,
    And everybody else out there who has been so patient,

    The book is done and ready to load to the online mall, but the PDF is giving us headaches. If you are in the USA the best way to get the book will be through our storefront. I will load the final version of the book there hopefully tonight and then send you an email link of how you can get a copy. The site might not be up for a few days as we are waiting for the server tech guy to hook up the members only login. I can email any files you might need in the meantime (pdfs of character sheet, GM screen inserts, etc.)

    I must say that your eagerness to get the book is very inspiring. there are a bunch of pre-orders at the two local gaming stores in here in town and we get constant welcome pressure from them, too.

    I will email you with the storefront link as soon as it is live.

    Best regards,