Friday, May 28, 2021

I'll be at Dungeon Con Online this weekend! Come say hello!

Hello Epochians!

I will be at Dungeon Con Online this weekend May 28 to 31st at the Outland Arts Booth

This is a 5e D&D focused convention, but everybody is welcome. While people can grab The Mutant Epoch RPG, I will primarily focus on selling original art I did as a freelancer for Goodman Games. The dealer's hall will be open for free to the general public, but the ticket price is $20.00 for a badge which entitles all purchasers full access to all events and seminars.

You'll need the same setup as a zoom meeting, but be using which allows the exploration of an on-screen map which incidentally, I sculpted, painted and photographed in the Handcrafted Dungeons style and will eventually use as a product in that lineup.

Learn more about Dungeon Con Online here:

Hope to meet some of you 'in person' without a mask!


William McAusland


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