Saturday, November 6, 2021

 Hello Epochians, I'll be at another Goodman Games hosted virtual convention this weekend, November 5th -7th and when I'm not out walking the dog, sleeping, or eating, you'll find me at Empire of the Cyclops Con around the artist's Alley.

There are a few other illustrators and vendors for this DCC/5e event including an arcade where you can play old video games on your computer. It's free I hear, for you to come over to, make a quick character and  use your computer's camera and mic to explore the maps, tavern and main convention area. This system doesn't seem to like phones and tablets all that much but does offer limited capabilities. So stop on by and say hello. Even if we don't chat, you should check this format out because it's something I'd like to do for The Mutant Epoch community. WM

Here's the link:

Have a great weekend, Will

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