Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Welcome to the TME Blog

Welcome to the Mutant Epoch Blog’s inaugural entry. We have big things planned for this place, and have chosen to use it as our main news and update platform leading up to the release of the Role-playing game and beyond. While the RPG is our main focus right now, we will also use this blog to promote anything related to the TME including the fiction and graphic novel we have in the works. I’ve personally found that a blog is the perfect news portal for a project or individual, better even than posting news on a homepage due to the increased exposure a blog gets by being part of a blog community, as well as apparently being more accessible by search engines. Finally, by using blogger.com for our journal, I can update it while away from the office on trips or at the coffee shop.

The Mutant Epoch is more than a tabletop role playing game; it is a setting that has evolved over a decade of gaming, art and fiction, in no particular order. The three elements each enhance the other, bringing to life a richly imagined world wherein unique characters not only attempt to survive, but gain in prowess, community status, and knowledge of both their twisted new reality as well as the secrets of the ancient ones.

We’ve designed a preview website at www.mutantepoch.com as well as created a PDF preview document for easy download. The explanation of the setting, character creation, Outland System game mechanic, and what’s in production are all included on the site and in the PDF.

While serving as a news source for updates on the roleplaying game, we know that subscribers to this blog are busy people, so we will strive to keep all entries short and to the point, opting for more frequent entries as opposed to essays. Please feel free to join in and make comments or contact us directly at info@outlandarts.com. If you’d like to be put on the mailing list for the Hub Rules book releases date, go to our mailing list page at www.outlandarts.com/TME-mailing-list.htm .

Thanks for stopping by,

Sincerely Will McAusland