Monday, December 9, 2013

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer released today!

Adventure and Exploration Await!
Grab your gasmask, your knee pads, crossbow and blade! Suit up into your junk armor and survival packs and get ready to dive into a world of high adventure. Welcome to the Crossroads Region!
      It is the year 2364. The Tainted Sea continues to recede, exposing patches of the former megalopolis of Los Angeles. Here, your heroes will explore old war zones, ruined cityscapes, reef-locked relic ships, stinking bogs and toxic bomb craters. Seek the bounty on the dreaded outlaw-cannibal Appro-Mortica, recharge your power cells at Array, and avoid purist deviant hunters and mutant supremacists as your dig team travels Forest Road.
     The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is the first official setting for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Designed to connect with other upcoming gazetteers, this territory sits directly above uncharted zones meant to be crafted by the game master. No further settings will be published which document the areas south of the Crossroads Region, and instead future books will only describe areas, north, east and west.

Included in this 448 page book:

• 33 Community Descriptions          • 98 Locations of Interest Descriptions
• 320 Illustrations       • 39 maps      • 20 NPCs
• Plus details on regional factions, ruin areas, outlaws, heroes, organization, nomadic communities and much more!
• Access to downloadable map and game ready content archive, including larger versions of included maps

You can buy the book in PDF, softcover or hardcover.... 

* An amazon company, with the page being auto-updated to feature the new book a few hours or days later than the release date. Buying through their createpspace store gets you the same book from the same printer, but we get a much more generous portion of the sale. But yes, I think Amazon cuts the price by a buck or two.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre-Sales Deal for The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

From our Forums...

So, The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is done and has been at the printers for a bit, and should get to the distributors on the 26th. Still, the release date is fuzzy because we need to get that confirmed from the warehouse folks. Tomorrow I start full time on completing Mutant Bestiary One.

In the meantime, you've all been so patient and I feel sick having a perfectly good book waiting in limbo. I've been looking at other industries and publishers and they often offer a pre-sales option. I think that's a great idea, but I want it to be a sweet deal for you wastelanders. Of course, I love friendly local game stores and if you think your local store is going to carry The Crossroads Book, and you can wait a few weeks extra, then support them. If not...

Here it is, if you want to buy the print book at a pre-sale deal, you can do so at $36.99 US or Canadian, and we will pay the shipping and get this, buy you a PDF copy as a bonus. This deal ends the day the book is officially released. 

How do you pre-buy your copy? Via paypal. Send $36.99 to and either in the paypal email or a followup, send us the email address you'd like your PDF copy to go to, plus, your full mailing address. Don't have paypal? You can still use your credit card there, or, if you want to send a check by mail, we honor the deal and send your copies once the check clears, so long as you email us and let us know a check is on the way before our release date.

The day the book is released we will send the PDF copy to your email address, and the print book will also be ordered on the release date automatically and a day or two later, shipped. I will personally email you to let you know the anticipated day the book is to arrive at your house. 

Now, if you're not in either Canada or the USA, and want to take advantage of this deal, email me with your address and I'll plug it into the machine and see what the postage is like, and see if I can arrange the exact same deal (which I will make every effort to do).

Again, thank you all for your patience. I know the Crossroads Gazetteer has been a long time in coming. I've been at it more or less steady for 3 years and now that it is done I am somewhat lost... except for all the other books waiting my attention.

Best regards,
Will McAusland

PS. if you have any questions about this deal, please email me at

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crossroads Region map 30x30 inch web preview

Hi Epochian Wastelanders,

 Well, we are polishing off the last pre-press chores on our checklist, and gearing up on some promos for the imminent release of The Crossroads Region Gazetteer.  

We just posted a 30 x 30 inch jpeg, full color look at the regional map. Feel free to share the image with your gamer friends and spread the word!

You can learn more at our lively forums and find the map there
as well as here:

 photo TME-Crossroads-Region-color-map-frame-30x30-web_zps6b020270.jpg

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer update:: Coming in Days!

So, while aiming for an October 30th release, we may need to bump it a week and half to accommodate our distributor, which is a smart move.At any rate, I can't believe this mammoth book is almost ready to go to press and pdf. I've been at this day after day for many months and am eager to see it on the shelves and onto game tables. Here is the slightly updated cover and following blurb.
   Will McAusland

Adventure and Exploration await!

Grab your gasmask, your knee pads, crossbow and blade! Suit up into your junk armor and survival packs and get ready to dive into a world of high adventure. Welcome to the Crossroads Region!
It is the year 2364. The Tainted Sea continues to recede, exposing patches of the former megalopolis of Los Angeles. Few areas in the brutal world of The Mutant Epoch are so densely populated nor so embroiled in factional warfare as The Crossroads Region. Here, your heroes will explore old war zones, ruined cityscapes, reef-locked relic ships, stinking bogs and toxic bomb craters. Seek the bounty on the dreaded outlaw-cannibal Appro-Mortica, recharge your power cells at Array, avoid the deviant hunters of the Holy Purist Empire, and dodge the Mutant Supremacists of Aberratia as your dig team travels forest road. At the end of the day, you and your comrades can wash away the grave dust of the ancients with a pint of beer in the bars and saloons of dozens of towns. But even in the scrap and concrete confines of human settlements, keep one eye open, as the abode of men can easily be as deadly as the post-apocalyptic wilderness.
The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is the first official setting for The Mutant Epoch role playing game and contains the sprawling city of Overpass, the purist capital of Pure Hub City, the Aberrationist capital of Newburg, along with thirty one other factional and independent communities.

Herein, the fortified excavator’s town of Pitford resides, as well as the village of Walsave from the Mall of Doom adventure. Several upcoming TME adventures are also set in this region. Designed to connect with other upcoming gazetteers, this territory sits directly above uncharted zones meant to be created by the game master. No further settings will be published which document the areas south of the Crossroads Region, and instead future books will only describe areas, north, east and west. 

Finally, below is a screen version of the map of Leperhold. As the name implies, this sad place is leper colony in the most southern edge of the region. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Yet another update on The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Hi Wastelanders,

 I'm going to post this here and on the blog as most of you inhabit one or the other online venue.

So yes, I have been using the 'conceal self' skill as far as this forum and social media go. Been working every day, often 12 or more hours per day, trying to get the Crossroads Gazetteer wrapped out. Now 4 months overdue.

 I suffer from an overdeveloped sense of optimism. No, its true. I believe things will be easier than they really are, take less time, and sell a bajillion copies, and get mentioned on every RPG podcast and blog overnight. This optimism is to blame for me becoming a writer-illustrator-game designer, instead of a plumber as my high school aptitude test suggested, but... it is working out. The game is well received, well reviewed and selling better than I expected.  Anyway, back to the update....

What's left? Well, I've done the hand drawn portions of 25 of 33 maps, and commenced work on the 19 NPCs. The cover is done,although I'm thinking I'd like to do a different one and see which you prefer... but that would delay things I guess. The final edits and illustrations are all done and inserted, and the arduous process of making an index and creating links for the PDF version are still ahead... although also started.

 All in all, I'd like to say the book will be available in print and PDF Sept 30th now, but due to distribution concerns there is a week or two delay getting books from the printer to the warehouse. So hmmmmm. I am no longer going to speculate on the release dates of books, as every time I do, something comes up that throws the date off. I will however make updates on progress and show off art, tweet excerpts, and whatnot to keep you all posted.

Okay, time to go to the drawing table and finish the map of Hermilage in the Holy Purist Empire... a place your pure stock and ghost mutant characters could end up as prisoners... forced to do slave labor by day, and be converted to Puristalism by night. Your mutant, cyborg, beastial and synthetic characters? They go to Witch Burn further south... and you can guess it won't end well for them.

 Here is a look at the illustration of Hermilage:

Finally, if you want to the most up to date news from us, may I suggest following our twitter feed here

 Will McAusland

Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, we just released another free mutant villain for you, and its a gross brute in more ways than one. Now that it is out, back we go to the production on the Crossroads Region book. Got a lot to do still, but if we work hard, we can meet that late August 2013 release date!

 Now to the freak:

As hated as is it is feared, the disgusting, vaguely humanoid, multi-limbed and many headed Junk-Mobster is here.

Our fourth and most disturbing creature of the apocalypse yet. This thing is the stuff of nightmares. Not only can it eviscerate opponents with its elongated, clawed arms, but it often tries to subdue potential mates with net and club, meanwhile unleashing a barrage of mental mutations. Although terrible, mercenary bands, bounty hunters and excavators alike often seek these mutant monsters out, eager to claim the lucrative bounty on them, as well as free prisoners and loot the Rubble-Gangsta’s trove.

Get it free at Drivethrusrpg or RPGnow today! Also, make sure you claim our three previous Creatures of the Apocalypse: The Spike Back, Red Harvester and dreaded Sickle Foot.

PDF cover art

Detail of the handsome fellows

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Crossroads Region Book Update

In the blur of working very long hours, day after day, editing, penciling, inking, cover design, layout and trying to tie it all together into a hefty tome, The Crossroads Region Gazetteer’s release date has thus far eluded me. 

Now, in the middle of July, however, I have a better idea about the publication date.  Yes, I had entirely expected to have had this book on the shelves by now and be well into the beastiary book. Yet, with the last of the inks coming to completion, the final edits being inserted, the layout done, the cover more or less done, and only the maps and NPCs still to accomplish, I can give a soft release date of the end of August 2013.

            At over 412 pages, The Crossroads Region book has been the most challenging creative endeavor I have ever been involved in, except of course for the Mutant Epoch hub rules, which underwent years of play test and rules modifications and visits by editorial angels.  Of course, I stopped to complete Beyond Red Crater last winter, and have admittedly taken a day off, as well as worked on the Plantoids and Mutant Beastiary One books here and there.

That said, I am just surfacing for some air now to let you all know that work progresses daily and I now see a likely release date. Once accomplished, I will emerge from the rubble to again participate properly on the forums, blog and twitter, as well as add new free content to the usual hangouts.

 Thank you all for your patience. I hope you will enjoy the Gazetteer when it comes out, and think the wait was well worth it. Now, for some art from the upcoming book!

 Best regards,

 Will McAusland 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crossroads Region Gazetteer Update

Just a quick update on what we are working on...

From the forum:

The Crossroads Region Gazetteer... yes, still at it. Day in day out, penciling, inking, editing, layout... on and on...

This gazetteer is going to be at least 412 pages and the biggest project I have ever been involved with in my entire life... and may I say that I hope I am never faced with such a massive tome again...other than a novel that is.

The Crossroads Region is a very densely populated area, with a lot of conflicting factions, independent and nomadic communities. Other regions are sparsely populated and more inhospitable, and will lead to much smaller source books.

Still, I am enjoying the process and think this is going to be one hell of a sourcebook.

Here is a quick photo from what I was just inking before I made this post. It's for the full page spread to Heroes and Outlaws of the region. The near naked woman, which I need to fix, is actually a digital being...

More updates soon:

As for the actual update, we are looking at at least another month before we get all the interior art inks done and inserted in the layout and the last edit back. Working double time on this, and sadly neglecting my social media outlets!


Will McAusland

Friday, May 17, 2013

Danger:: Spikebacks in the area

Hi Wastelanders,

 If you haven't already heard, we've got a new free Creature of the Apocalypse for ya...

The size of a grizzly bear, the vaguely humanoid Spikeback is a genetically engineered bio-weapon of old - which has evolved.

Now, exhibiting an occasional cybernetic implant or mutation, they move about the wastes of The Mutant Epoch in packs, and gorge on the flesh of other living things. Bad tempered, ravenous and cruel, this freaky creature of the apocalypse is our third nasty in this series.



Sunday, April 28, 2013

rpgnet welcomes William McAusland (Mutant Epoch) 4/29/2013 24:00 GMT!

Hi All, 
Dan Davenport will be interviewing me tonight on the rpgnet chat from 7-9 central time in the USA (5-7 Pacific for me). I've never done anything like this before. Sure hope some of you can join in and come say hello during the event. I guess they will be asking questions about The Mutant Epoch, RPGs, how the game came about, and so on. Should be interesting. 

If you can't make it, you can post questions beforehand and learn more about the show here:

Have a great day,


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The NEW improved Mutant Epoch forum is here!

Shamelessly cloned from our home page:

April 23 2013

 The all  new The Mutant Epoch forum is here!

We've gone public!

New to The Mutant Epoch? Well, previously, only Society of Excavator members could get into our forums as they were a member's only deal. That's all changed. All the old forum posts have been copy-pasted over to an all new forum, reorganized, enhanced and open to all.

Of course, there is a password protected SOE only board where, as an incentive to get SOE members to enlist, we've made a forum only, free beast ready for you to download!

Members can get the Muto-Harpy PDF exclusively at the new forum's Society of Excavators Members Only Area.

The password to the private area of the forum is easy to remember. It’s the same as what you used to sign in to the members area at this website!

Not a member yet? Bought a copy of the Mutant Epoch hub rules? 
Then learn more about The Society of Excavator's here.

Best regards,

 Will McAusland

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hi guys! Just to let those of you who connect with us through this blog know, that we released another free PDF. See details below   

In other news, we are setting up an all new forum that will have mainly public access, as well as a private SOE member's only posting area. I am going to try and copy paste much of the great player created content and  questions from the old forum to the new site. Stand by as we will announce the new forum in an upcoming newsletter, and here.

         Also, yes, we are still working very hard on the Crossroads Region Gazetteer. I spend my days editing the final layout, penciling the last 100 drawings, or inking the first 200 penciled images. The 33 maps will still take a heck of a lot of work, too. I don't even want to speculate on  when this 400+ page book will be out, but am striving toward early June. All the books lined up after the Crossroads book will be between 90 and 200 pages, and those are written and many in layout... so there is a ton of content coming out this summer and fall.

Now to the Free PDF ; which you can also get on our website in the SOE area, here

 The Red Harvester is so named for its ability to appear from seemingly nowhere and reap a bounty of flesh.

Welcome to The Mutant Epoch, where humankind is no longer the top of the food chain. The Red Harvester is our second free Creature of the Apocalypse, and worse then the first critter we made available and defiantly not for the squeamish. 

With the success of the Sickle Foot, we at Outland Arts plan to release more of these nasty freaks to delight and horrify your players. Our third mutant monster is the Spikeback.

While designed using the Outland System Game mechanic stats, any game master worth his or her title can easily port the stat block over into whatever PA game system being used at his or her table.

Want more? Join our mailing list for notifications, or stay tuned to this site for more great RPG PDFs.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sickle Foot: Creatures of the Apocalypse 1

Sickle Foot: Creatures of the Apocalypse 1: Sickle Foot: Creatures of the Apocalypse 1

 We just added a free PDF to and Its a 4 page file featuring a wicked new mutant creature, the Sickle Foot. We're just trying something new ahead of our upcoming newsletter release. In that release we will also present this creature and the PDF link for the SOE membership.

 Stay tuned for more mutants.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beyond Red Crater Released!

Whether you’re new to the Mutant Epoch RPG or not, Beyond Red Crater is a challenging, low rank adventure which sees the characters venture across an inhospitable wasteland and into an ancient dome. While taking great risks, braving new horrors and immersing themselves in the middle of long standing conflicts, surviving excavators will unearth lost knowledge, potent relics, and startling ordeals.

Here is the official blurb:

You and your fellow excavators have reunited after six years and returned to the wasteland. Following a tattered map you set out in search of vengeance, glory and mighty relics in an ancient facility; a dome beyond Red Crater.

In this fast paced adventure, characters reunite to fulfill an old request. Their journey takes them passed a cursed crater, through ruins and ravines, over a river and across a salt flat to the foot of a concrete edifice. Therein, ancient technology and terrible beasts resist their advance as they uncover ancient treasures, twisted schemes, and nameless perils within the mysterious dome. 
For 6 to 10 first rank characters, this module isn’t setting specific and can either be dropped into a GM’s own campaign region or take place in the Crossroads Region by substituting Rust Watch for the fortified town of Pitford.

Included in this 132 page book are
81 Illustrations
6 maps
8 Player Handouts
2 New relics
1 new creature
8 Pre-generated player characters
13 NPCs

 Curious about buying a copy? The print book can be seen at these sites, and or get the pdf at

And now for some artwork from the book. You can also check out an art gallery we've posted on the public area of the mutant epoch website here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tommy's Top Six of 2012 and Birthday Blog Giveaway

So, Tommy over at The Most Unread Blog on The Internet. Ever. is running a RPG giveaway contest again this year. He picked The Mutant Epoch as one of the top six games from 2012 and we are going to be giving away both a free PDF and print copy to the winner. There are a lot of other prizes as well. Check it out here: