Monday, September 9, 2013

Yet another update on The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

Hi Wastelanders,

 I'm going to post this here and on the blog as most of you inhabit one or the other online venue.

So yes, I have been using the 'conceal self' skill as far as this forum and social media go. Been working every day, often 12 or more hours per day, trying to get the Crossroads Gazetteer wrapped out. Now 4 months overdue.

 I suffer from an overdeveloped sense of optimism. No, its true. I believe things will be easier than they really are, take less time, and sell a bajillion copies, and get mentioned on every RPG podcast and blog overnight. This optimism is to blame for me becoming a writer-illustrator-game designer, instead of a plumber as my high school aptitude test suggested, but... it is working out. The game is well received, well reviewed and selling better than I expected.  Anyway, back to the update....

What's left? Well, I've done the hand drawn portions of 25 of 33 maps, and commenced work on the 19 NPCs. The cover is done,although I'm thinking I'd like to do a different one and see which you prefer... but that would delay things I guess. The final edits and illustrations are all done and inserted, and the arduous process of making an index and creating links for the PDF version are still ahead... although also started.

 All in all, I'd like to say the book will be available in print and PDF Sept 30th now, but due to distribution concerns there is a week or two delay getting books from the printer to the warehouse. So hmmmmm. I am no longer going to speculate on the release dates of books, as every time I do, something comes up that throws the date off. I will however make updates on progress and show off art, tweet excerpts, and whatnot to keep you all posted.

Okay, time to go to the drawing table and finish the map of Hermilage in the Holy Purist Empire... a place your pure stock and ghost mutant characters could end up as prisoners... forced to do slave labor by day, and be converted to Puristalism by night. Your mutant, cyborg, beastial and synthetic characters? They go to Witch Burn further south... and you can guess it won't end well for them.

 Here is a look at the illustration of Hermilage:

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 Will McAusland