Thursday, April 14, 2011

So... What's The Mutant Epoch about?

"The Mutant Epoch is about humankind’s attempt to reclaim some semblance of civilization, calling upon its best and boldest to uncover the lost knowledge and power of the old ones."

The Mutant Epoch™ post-apocalyptic RPG challenges your in-game persona to survive in an age of rediscovery, high adventure, savage conflict, and freakish mutants and machines. Characters work in small excavation teams making forays into ruined cities, through junk strewn wastelands, twisted forests, nightmarish swamps and across polluted seas. During their expeditions they must contend with mutant beasts, the environment, as well as raiders, cultists, and robotic forces, only to stake their place in the newly emerging barter forts and factional bastions of humanity.
Players can take on the roles of pure stocks, mutants, ghost mutants, cyborgs, beastial humans and an assortment of synthetic or engineered humans.
All you need is this book, dice, paper and pencils, a few friends and your imagination. The Mutant Epoch™ uses the Outland System™ game mechanic, which employs the full set of polyhedron dice, is easy to learn, logical, fast paced, and perfectly suited to the hard core action of post apocalyptic game play.
Inside this lavishly illustrated book you will find all the rules, art and content to generate characters, challenge them with perils, and then reward them with potent relics.
This core book includes: • 8 character types • 30 castes • 36 skills • over a 111 mutations • 68 cybernetic implants •104 creatures • 9 robots and 10 androids • complete encounter tables • hazards, traps and insanity • typical humans • rules for called shots, parrying and chases • 9 relic vehicles, 44 weapon relics, 14 armor relics and 70+ miscellaneous relics • common PA vehicles and 10 scrap built Vehicles • dozens of helpful tables • character sheet • GMs party record sheet • grid and hex paper, and much more!

Plus, there are numerous supplemental books, Excavator Monthly magazine issues, fiction, art, and as an added bonus buying the TME Hub Rules book automatically grants the owner exclusive membership in the Society of Excavators.
246 pages hyperlinked

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Mutant Epoch

The Mutant Epoch: "The Mutant Epoch"

We've posted the PDF version of the RPG on and and getting sales right off the bat. Check out the demo here, too:

Man, I need some sleep... or more coffee.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Mutant Epoch full release:: Hours, not days....

It is going to be another long, late night for me working on the website. I hit the pillow aroudn 4:30 am last night, worked all day on the site, and am now inthe home run. Java script issues and coping with the password protected member's area have been pushing the limits of my tech level. Still, the members area is all working and the loads of free content ready for you all to download. The silly adult content section navigation is giving me much anxiety, however, I have a cold beer waiting as a reward for completing that.

The PDF is also completed and ready for upload to RPGnow, One bookshelf, as soon as the site is tested, so things are coming together nicely.

Thanks all of you for ordering The Mutant Epoch role-playing game. It is simply thrilling to think some of you already have your copies. Justin you got yours in just 6 days! That's simply amazing considering the book is printed and shipped in that time. We get books in about 11 days to our warehouse (basement) here in Canada ( where there is still some snow in our back yard, along with bears).

Brutorz Bill, yours should be in your mailbox Tuesday.

Hey, Anonymous, yes, there will be character robots, and plants, in the expansion book, and a lot of other twisted character types, new implants, mutations and post-apocalyptic gaming loot.

So the big release will only be hours, not days away. Hard to believe.

If you've had a chance to look through the book and try out some character generation, combat and so forth, and you like what you've experienced, please feel free to leave a review at the store on the page you bought the book, or email us any comments or reviews that we can place on our website. Customer reviews are invaluable, and the Mutant Lord will not forget his allies.