Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Mutant Epoch is available on

Hey, just a quick update on The Mutant Epoch. The response to the game has been excellent and sales continue at a respectable pace. We have received some really fine reviews and a hell of a lot of outstanding support from bloggers, artists and other individuals who I will mention in upcoming posts. Plus, the response from buyers and Society of Excavator members on the forums and in email has been thoughtful, creative, game content rich, and motivating.

We are way ahead of schedule for the release of the Mall of Doom, and and beginning interior art for the first issue of Excavator Monthly Magazine.

The game is now available on as well as the store which supplies Amazon, plus, the Italian online game store .

The print copies from lightning Source through came back yesterday and had some serious issues, with a desaturated and grayed down cover, and any drop shadowed text in the book converted to solid black blocks. Yikes. So today was spent dealing with that headache and uploading new versions for another two week wait. We had planned to hold off on banner ads and other marketing until the hardcover and soft cover could be purchased through, but may not be able to wait much longer.

Review copies should also be arriving over the next few days, plus, a shipment of 50 more copies of the game are on their way here for local stores and events.

This is all so exciting and I have a heck of a time shutting off my mind at night and falling asleep.

There is so much more going on that I'd like to share, but will save some for later entries.

Next time we will be adding new art for The Mall of Doom, our first full length published adventure for The Mutant Epoch. We of course can only show the art which doesn't give away too much, since some of you might be players, or even use the adventure's Multi-Path (solo-play) feature. This feature allows those wanting to learn the rules or prepare to be a GM and/or test the adventure first before subjecting their players to it, to get gaming right away.

Happy Adventuring, and keep your heads down out there.