Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pre-Sales Deal for The Crossroads Region Gazetteer

From our Forums...

So, The Crossroads Region Gazetteer is done and has been at the printers for a bit, and should get to the distributors on the 26th. Still, the release date is fuzzy because we need to get that confirmed from the warehouse folks. Tomorrow I start full time on completing Mutant Bestiary One.

In the meantime, you've all been so patient and I feel sick having a perfectly good book waiting in limbo. I've been looking at other industries and publishers and they often offer a pre-sales option. I think that's a great idea, but I want it to be a sweet deal for you wastelanders. Of course, I love friendly local game stores and if you think your local store is going to carry The Crossroads Book, and you can wait a few weeks extra, then support them. If not...

Here it is, if you want to buy the print book at a pre-sale deal, you can do so at $36.99 US or Canadian, and we will pay the shipping and get this, buy you a PDF copy as a bonus. This deal ends the day the book is officially released. 

How do you pre-buy your copy? Via paypal. Send $36.99 to info@outlandarts.com and either in the paypal email or a followup, send us the email address you'd like your PDF copy to go to, plus, your full mailing address. Don't have paypal? You can still use your credit card there, or, if you want to send a check by mail, we honor the deal and send your copies once the check clears, so long as you email us and let us know a check is on the way before our release date.

The day the book is released we will send the PDF copy to your email address, and the print book will also be ordered on the release date automatically and a day or two later, shipped. I will personally email you to let you know the anticipated day the book is to arrive at your house. 

Now, if you're not in either Canada or the USA, and want to take advantage of this deal, email me with your address and I'll plug it into the machine and see what the postage is like, and see if I can arrange the exact same deal (which I will make every effort to do).

Again, thank you all for your patience. I know the Crossroads Gazetteer has been a long time in coming. I've been at it more or less steady for 3 years and now that it is done I am somewhat lost... except for all the other books waiting my attention.

Best regards,
Will McAusland

PS. if you have any questions about this deal, please email me at info@outlandarts.com

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crossroads Region map 30x30 inch web preview

Hi Epochian Wastelanders,

 Well, we are polishing off the last pre-press chores on our checklist, and gearing up on some promos for the imminent release of The Crossroads Region Gazetteer.  

We just posted a 30 x 30 inch jpeg, full color look at the regional map. Feel free to share the image with your gamer friends and spread the word!

You can learn more at our lively forums and find the map there 
as well as here:

 photo TME-Crossroads-Region-color-map-frame-30x30-web_zps6b020270.jpg