Thursday, January 12, 2012

Excavator Monthly Issue 5 just released!

Whew! We finally sent issue 5 of Excavator Monthly to press, a few weeks late this time. It seems that each issue is getting more challenging to produce and thus hitting the market a bit later.

Here is the pitch...

Camping out in the ruins is insane! But sometimes things go wrong and your dig team has no choice. If you’re gonna do it, then issue 5 explains how. While the hapless PC’s are having their sleep over in the rubble heaps, why not terrorize them? For the GM, we have an article on introducing horror into your post apocalyptic campaign.

In this issue we also present more NPCs, 3 nasty new creatures: The Ponysapien, Botamorto and Gaswing, along with potent relics: the Medusa Stun Staff, Energy Shield, Tactical Knife and Recon Carbine. A new character generation method is also included bringing you the Generic Excavator, plus a new skill: Archery, articles on ruin ecology, using name tags and tent cards, another treasure table, and more!

Excavator Monthly is the official magazine for The Mutant Epoch milieu, covering the TME RPG, fiction, art and more. Not using the Outland System? No worries, there is a ton here that any post apocalyptic GM can utilize.

This issue includes:

Terrorize Them! Horror in a PA setting
2 NPCs
3 New Creatures
4 New relics
Generic Excavator Character type
Camping In The Ruins
Archery Skill
Ruin Ecology

Treasure Table EM4
25 illustration
40 pages

Softcover $9.99 PDF $3.50

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