Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Blog posts anyone?

Hey, We're looking at ways of spreading the word about The Mutant Epoch. What we need is either very affordable advertising, but more importantly and more enjoyable is the idea of doing some guest posts on your blogs and sites. We'd even be into having guest posts on our blog. Now, I know some of you have your own online venues and we've talked about doing something in the past.  Some ideas were putting up some TME art, a mutant creature, or interview, etc. So if there is anything you can think of doing together, let me know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where are we going?

The Mutant epoch role playing game has been out for less than a year and going stronger than ever. Before I get any further in this post I just wanted to thank everybody who has supported the game, either as a buyer, editor, writer, artist, industry ally, SOE member, newsletter subscriber, twitter follower, play tester, family member, shop owner or friend.

As you will see below, we are only just getting started.

March was our second best month ever for sales, only a few copies behind December. The success and warm response by fans and industry professionals has greatly added to my motivation and dedication to the growth of the TME milieu, as well as the tabletop gaming in general. So where are we going as a company, at least along the lines of The Mutant Epoch? Larger source books is the answer.

While other writers are working on new source books and supplements, I am spending my days drawing then inking the art for Pitford Gateway to the Ruins and a third of the way through the completed imagery for the book. By the end of April I’d like to have all the 111 illustrations at least penciled if not inked. Once the art is done and inserted into the layout, the book will get one or two more editorial reads and then she’s off to press for mid May.

Larger books seems to be what the audience wants, although the Excavator Monthly Issues were a blast to do and about half the TME gamership purchase them. The thing is, as convenient and affordable as PDFs are, people seem like physical books, and to get real value from physical printing and shipping costs, a larger book is the way to go.

So here is what we are up to, showing what order the next books will be released:

Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins 188 pages/ Coming May 2012/ Print $22.99, PDF $10.99

The Crossroads Region 330 to 360 pages/ Coming Late Summer 2012/ Print $32.99, PDF $14.99

Mutant Beastiary One 104 to 112 pages/ Coming Fall 2012/ Print $16.99, PDF $7.99

Adventure TME 2 Blood Road 164 pages/ Coming early winter 2012/ Print 19.99, PDF $9.99

Adventure TME 3 Nuke Tower 200+ pages/ Coming Early 2013

Looking into our crystal ball, 2013 has us working on the following titles:

· TME Expansion Rules Book

· Adventure TME 4 The Flesh Weavers

· The Shattered Region Gazetteer

· A novel Trilogy based in the Shallow Sea Region just north of the Crossroads Region

· The Shallow Sea Region Gazetteer

· Mutant Beastiary Two

Closely related to The Mutant Epoch and using the Outland System we will also be pressing on with our Fantasy RPG, the name not yet announced as we are still resolving copyright and trademark issues, not to mention domain name purchases.

Yes, this is a hell of a list and a lot of work ahead of us. The good news is that most of these books are written and in editorial and art phase, so they exist already, including the novel trilogy. This is, after all, my full time job. Outland Arts is something I have been working toward since I was in high school, many, many years ago, even though I didn’t always know it. Everything I’ve done in my creative and work life as been toward this dream lifestyle. What words can I use to describe how good it feels when Monday morning comes around and I get to come down to the new studio and work on The Mutant Epoch? I owe this rewarding way of life to those who’ve helped me get here, those I listed above. Thank you. I will do my best to see that Outland Arts releases more and even better products in the months ahead.

Now, back to inking…


Will McAusland