Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheer force of Will:: New release date for The Mutant Epoch RPG

Sheer force of will can fuel a person to work insane hours, draw upon reserves of enthusiasm, optimism and creativity, summon self discipline beyond anything he or she has known before, and get one very, very close to realizing goals which fall short by only a matter of weeks or months. I’m talking about getting The Mutant Epoch released, of course. It has been a challenge like no other in my creative life, and has been one of those things that sheer force of will has propelled along for over seven years now.

The last edits are being interwoven into the Hub Rules book day and night. The coffee flows and I sit alone here night after night getting ever closer to a final, polished, game of extreme post-apocalyptic mayhem and adventure. In fact, I am taking a break from the last edits to update some of the Outland Arts social media venues ahead of next week’s advertising campaign. We have an ad going out in the upcoming issue of so anticipate some traffic from that.

The anticipated release date back in late September 2010 was to have the game out late October, and as that month came and went in a blur of activity, art, gaming, and writing of the free material for the web site, we now find ourselves in mid November. We’ve decided to provide news on the impending release and showcase artwork here on The Mutant Epoch blog to show a little more of what you can expect in the book right up to the release date.

Currently, we are being more conservative in our launch date, taking into account the few challenges still ahead and feeling lousy about failing to have it on the market already. We are now confident that the book will be available sometime in December and before Christmas and available in PDF and print on demand through,, and, to name just a few sales venues

Thanks to all of you for the help with getting the word out and the encouragement. Knowing people are out there eagerly anticipating The Mutant Epoch’s release, not to mention the pre-sales I’ve heard about from the local game stores and individuals, has been extra fuel and motivation to see this game done, and done right.

In the meantime, here is the new release notification ad. Look for artwork here on the blog over the next weeks as we head down the home stretch.

Best regards,

Will McAusland

Creative Director