Thursday, December 6, 2012

Outland Arts Mailing Address

Dang, like a lot of you I get the Outland Arts Blog posts in my email and the text background came out either black or with white text on a white email background. Still readable, I guess, but our mailing address for those of you wanting to buy the bundle by check is:

Outland Arts
1860 Lodgepole Drive
British Columbia
V1S 1X8

 Sorry about that,

Mutants under the Christmas tree? Our First mail order bundle is here!

So, we've posted this to the site, SOE forum, and twitter, and now here on the blog. I feel like I should be wearing a checkered suit and working at a used car lot promoting this, but I know a few of you have been asking about signed copies and mail order deals so here goes....

The Megaton Mail Order Bundle
Get it for just $79.99+shippingTotal Bundle Value $137.51 You Save $57.52

This is it! Everything you need to start running The Mutant Epoch Role-Playing Game!

Get it all in one box! This set includes a stack of our books, 32 game sheets, bookmarks, a pencil, set of polyhedron dice and a limited
edition, hand pulled, hand painted, signed, polyhedron dice lino print. In addition, you also get a PDF copy of the Hub Rules, or any other book
in our line instead, delivered electronically as soon as we get your order so you can get started right away!

The Megaton Bundle Includes:
The Mutant Epoch RPG  Hub Rules signed and sealed by the author
The Mall of Doom adventure TME-1
Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins
► Excavator Monthly Compendium
20 character sheets
GM sheet screen inserts (8 sheets*) How used?
4 GM's Party reference sheets
5 TME bookmarks
Set of polyhedron dice See them here
Limited edition, hand pulled, hand painted, signed, polyhedron dice lino print. See it here
Free PDF of any book in our line**
* 8.5 x 11” sheets for attaching to a homemade GM screen or insertion into the popular Hammerdog's double-sided folding vinyl GM screen
** Sent the first business day your order arrives, allowing you to check out the rules while you wait for the delivery of your physical books.
Already got the PDF, then let us know of another title we carry and we’ll substitute it!

Postage rates to the following countries or regions are as follows:

To USA add $29.02+79.99 CAD = $109.60 USD (parcel takes about 5 days and is insured)

To Canada add 18.00+79.99 CAD = $97.99 CAD

To UK add $50.78+79.99 CAD = £82.10 GBP

To Australia add $56.15+79.99 CAD = $
131.77 AUD

To Europe add $56.15+79.99 CAD = €102.45 EU

Other international orders add $56.15+79.99 CAD = $136.14 USD

Please use the total price (shipping +79.99 CAD as shown above) for your country or region. Purchases can be made using paypal with funds sent to or send a check or money order payable to:  

Outland Arts
1860 Lodgepole Drive
British Columbia
V14 1X8

What a deal! The four books contained in this set retail at $96.96 alone. At $79.99 you already save $16.97 before all the other extras are added in! We only keep a limited supply of inventory at our game design studio so order your box today!

Friday, October 19, 2012

So Danny Seedhouse, a good friend and active TME contributor, directed me to this great indiegogo project where Legion McRae is going to cast post-apocalyptic 28mm miniatures  I signed up for $17 at the chance to get three mutant lizards. Mind you what they show above in the concept art above are classic Gamma World critters, which I love, too. Mutant Epoch gamers could perhaps use them at their tables as well so I absolutely  think this is something you all should know about.

Here is the link:

 I'll also post this on the private Society of Excavator's Forum.
 Have a great weekend

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Post-Apocalyptic Art Thread started at

Just a brief post today. I wanted to let you all know that we are starting a Post-Apocalyptic Art thread over at the ever popular and well populated I've invited some other publishers and indie authors to post their imagery there in a slow trickle. The idea is to bring awareness to the PA genre, and expose gamers to The Mutant Epoch and other PA games.

     The art doesn't have to be just from published games or books, and is open to emerging and hobby artists as well. We are more after the spirit of the post-apocalyptic genre than polished illustrations. Believe me, some of the stuff I draw even for The Mutant Epoch isn't always as polished as I'd like, and looking back at earlier inks often makes me cringe and wish I could change this or that  about an image. So if you've got something you'd like to share, or even just want to stop by and make a comment, it sure would sure be appreciated!
    The one thing I ask is that you only post stuff you have the rights to publish so no scans from old Gamma World books and stuff as there are legal issues I d on't want to be involved with. Although, a companion thread of classic PA art would be great fun if somebody wanted to start something like that at or enworld, etc.

 Here's the link:


Monday, October 1, 2012

Crossroads Region Gazetteer Art set 1

The first stack of freshly inked art for The Crossroads Region book is now done, getting scanned and placed in the huge book's layout. Where are we at with this? Well, the first 100 pencil  illustrations are done and about half are inked. As there are 300 illustrations plus more than 30 maps, we still have a fair ways to go. Thing is, this is a full time gig for me and I am entirely focused on this book. What does this mean? Maybe I suffer from an over stimulated sense of optimism, as always, but if all goes well we can release the book in mid to late November?   

 So, our main gallery for this book will permanently reside at our website at where we currently have three pages of imagery.  If you want a better view of these and other images, I recommend you check out that gallery. 

 In other news we are just now releasing issue 13 of our newsletter, Outland Arts Insider, so if you aren't on the mailing list for that, and want to be, then go here.

 Now here's the art... enjoy...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My copies of Excavator Monthly Compendium just arrived!

I've published a lot of books, both for Outland Arts as well as many other authors and companies, and yet never fail to get excited when I get to open up a box and hold a new tome for the first time! Just minutes ago I got a shipment of 5 EM Compendiums and finally got to look over the creation that I've only seen as a digital file in a layout program... or a pdf. Of course I have physical copies of the magazines, but to have them all in one book is important to me and the way I game master. Think I'll try and roll up some assorted characters using the PC generation vat tonight, maybe post them on the forum, too.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hi all,

 Just thought I'd post here to let you know that and are having their Christmas in January sale from the 23rd to the 30th of July. All our PDFs are 25% off.

In other news, we are working hard on The Crossroads Region Gazetteer, and oh my God its going to be about 420 pages once all the art and maps are put in!  I am afraid that we are looking at a release day of late September or early October on this one. Of course, our 25mm or 28mm TME paper miniatures will start coming out soon so there will be some new content every month. Our first set will be 25 player characters, with both full color and ink variants in each set.

 Happy gaming and stay cool out there,

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great Indie RPG Giveaway and Excavator Monthly Compendium

Just a couple of quick announcements from the wastelands...

 Have you heard about the Great Indie RPG Giveaway contest over at Roleplayers Chronicle? Its free to enter and you can try and win each of 5 huge indie RPG prize packs. We're of course donating a print copy of the TME Hub Rules and intend to give away much more next year. The entry deadline is July 22nd so hurry up and check it out.

In other news, we are a day or two away from releasing Excavator Monthly Compendium. This is going to be a single PDF or print book assemblage  containing all six copies of Excavator Monthly magazine. Here's the politically incorrect cover... 

Excavator Monthly Compendium Back cover copy

Now you can get all six copies of Excavator Monthly Magazine in one book! Each article, relic, mutant beast, non-player character and other feature has been placed into categories within this hefty tome. Never forget a copy again. Both game masters and players of The Mutant Epoch role playing game can carry all the magazines in one handy book and quickly flip to any resource with ease.

Excavator Monthly Compendium includes:
 27 Nasty Mutant Creatures   13 Potent Relics   6 Alternate Character Generation Methods    2 New Skills: Acrobatics and Archery    12 Non-Player Character Friends and Foes    162 Illustrations   9 Assorted Articles   Short Story: Demon in the Depths   10 Game Master Only Articles   8 Players Perspective Articles   4 Treasure Tables    And much more!

 260 pages
 PDF $11.99 or Softcover $26.99

 We'll be sending out a new Outland Arts Insider newsletter shortly with more news and great post apocalyptic media links. Stay tuned.

Mutant Lord 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pitford: Gateway to the ruins released today!

It took a few extra days to get out due to issues with the layout of the print version, but its now available! The PDF is currently accessible via and the print version through (an company) and will be up on Amazon in 5-7 days. We will also be adding the book to other online sellers soon.

 You can also learn more on the Pitford product page at our site, or see the Pitford art gallery

Best regards,
Will /  Mutant Lord

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a quick update. Pitford:Gateway to the Ruins will be released in print and PDF this coming Monday June 11th 2012!
 I am very excited about this now, 200 page book, especially as it is our first big production since The Mall of Doom last summer, and a departure from the Excavator Monthly sized publications.

 Anyhow, here is the text and the cover art to follow,

 Have a great weekend and talk at you again Monday.
 Best Regards, 

Welcome to scenic Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins! This is your last stop before undertaking a dig in the nearby Great Ruins. Why not enjoy some of the fine services offered in this enclosed town? There are brothels, bars, massage parlors, shops, a casino and even a gladiatorial arena, all here for your delight. After all, this may be your last night in this twisted world, why not make it one to remember?

Pitford is like a great immobile tank, stuck on the battle scarred, hostile plains in the shadow of the Great Ruins. This scrap metal enclosure is more than a home base for excavators; it is a dynamic adventure site, where opportunity, riches, espionage, crime, and debauchery await. Herein, game sessions are as challenging and deadly as anything found outside of its junk and concrete shell.
            The fortress-town stands as a frontier bastion for a hard pressed humanity, providing a retreat from the harsh sand storms and flesh eating mutated beasts of the wilds. With one road leading in at the south and another at the north, it is stopping place for travelers, outlaws, savages, scavs, runaways and most of all, excavators. For over eighty years this fort has served as a base camp for dig teams who loot the boundless ruinscape beyond, where the lucky make it back alive with artifacts of enormous wealth and power.

This book is both a game master reference resource, as well as a guide for players whose characters are visiting the bustling, old west style boom town.
     Included are 56 shops and businesses, 33 streets and alleys, access points to the topside roof, and stairwells to the notorious basement level. In addition, fortress defenses, gatehouses, and town watch details are included, along with a robust section on the municipal jail with encounters for those incarcerated within.  Also included are series of adventure hooks, appendices, map collections, the governing Association of Business Owners and the Freehold Scouts.
            Situated in the north east corner of the Crossroads Region, Pitford figures heavily in upcoming adventures published for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game. While having this book isn’t necessary, it would enhance game play and provide details on resources adventurers need to recover, resupply, and recruit new excavators.

● 200 pages ● 108 illustrations ● 5 Maps ● 122 Locations ● Encounter Tables ● Random Rumors ● Adventure Hooks and much more!

Print version $24.99
PDF 10.99

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Back from the brink

So I am back in the studio and doing my best after last week's emergency surgery. I was a bit shocked to hear my Gall bladder had gone all toxic and had to be removed, as I have always enjoyed perfect health and really looked after myself. I'll certainly have some questions for the doctors about this.

At any rate, I have had a chance to get recent interior illustrations scanned and touched up. Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins will be a week or two late due to my surgery, but I am still aiming for a release late this month.

 Thanks to all of who who offered their kind thoughts and well wishing regarding my injury. While I still have bandages on my abdomen and ache if I bend a certain way or breath deeply, I am on the mend and in the studio. Time to play catch up and finish the last set of images for the book.

 In the meantime, here is a heap of new art that, as of today, I haven't posted anyplace else. They are much larger than the appear here so if you wanna closer look, just click on an image. Previous imagery for the book can be found at the Pitford art gallery page here.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Guest Blog posts anyone?

Hey, We're looking at ways of spreading the word about The Mutant Epoch. What we need is either very affordable advertising, but more importantly and more enjoyable is the idea of doing some guest posts on your blogs and sites. We'd even be into having guest posts on our blog. Now, I know some of you have your own online venues and we've talked about doing something in the past.  Some ideas were putting up some TME art, a mutant creature, or interview, etc. So if there is anything you can think of doing together, let me know.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where are we going?

The Mutant epoch role playing game has been out for less than a year and going stronger than ever. Before I get any further in this post I just wanted to thank everybody who has supported the game, either as a buyer, editor, writer, artist, industry ally, SOE member, newsletter subscriber, twitter follower, play tester, family member, shop owner or friend.

As you will see below, we are only just getting started.

March was our second best month ever for sales, only a few copies behind December. The success and warm response by fans and industry professionals has greatly added to my motivation and dedication to the growth of the TME milieu, as well as the tabletop gaming in general. So where are we going as a company, at least along the lines of The Mutant Epoch? Larger source books is the answer.

While other writers are working on new source books and supplements, I am spending my days drawing then inking the art for Pitford Gateway to the Ruins and a third of the way through the completed imagery for the book. By the end of April I’d like to have all the 111 illustrations at least penciled if not inked. Once the art is done and inserted into the layout, the book will get one or two more editorial reads and then she’s off to press for mid May.

Larger books seems to be what the audience wants, although the Excavator Monthly Issues were a blast to do and about half the TME gamership purchase them. The thing is, as convenient and affordable as PDFs are, people seem like physical books, and to get real value from physical printing and shipping costs, a larger book is the way to go.

So here is what we are up to, showing what order the next books will be released:

Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins 188 pages/ Coming May 2012/ Print $22.99, PDF $10.99

The Crossroads Region 330 to 360 pages/ Coming Late Summer 2012/ Print $32.99, PDF $14.99

Mutant Beastiary One 104 to 112 pages/ Coming Fall 2012/ Print $16.99, PDF $7.99

Adventure TME 2 Blood Road 164 pages/ Coming early winter 2012/ Print 19.99, PDF $9.99

Adventure TME 3 Nuke Tower 200+ pages/ Coming Early 2013

Looking into our crystal ball, 2013 has us working on the following titles:

· TME Expansion Rules Book

· Adventure TME 4 The Flesh Weavers

· The Shattered Region Gazetteer

· A novel Trilogy based in the Shallow Sea Region just north of the Crossroads Region

· The Shallow Sea Region Gazetteer

· Mutant Beastiary Two

Closely related to The Mutant Epoch and using the Outland System we will also be pressing on with our Fantasy RPG, the name not yet announced as we are still resolving copyright and trademark issues, not to mention domain name purchases.

Yes, this is a hell of a list and a lot of work ahead of us. The good news is that most of these books are written and in editorial and art phase, so they exist already, including the novel trilogy. This is, after all, my full time job. Outland Arts is something I have been working toward since I was in high school, many, many years ago, even though I didn’t always know it. Everything I’ve done in my creative and work life as been toward this dream lifestyle. What words can I use to describe how good it feels when Monday morning comes around and I get to come down to the new studio and work on The Mutant Epoch? I owe this rewarding way of life to those who’ve helped me get here, those I listed above. Thank you. I will do my best to see that Outland Arts releases more and even better products in the months ahead.

Now, back to inking…


Will McAusland

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Excavator Monthly Issue 6 is here!

I know a lot of you here are already on the mailing list and have heard the announcement on the releases of issue 6 of our monthly magazine, but for those of you who haven't heard, here is the brief....

Ever want to play a post-apocalyptic ninja, cowboy, marine, super model or hulking mutant freak? Now you can! Issue 6 covers 20 stereotypes available as player characters.

Another special feature in this issue is Tiny Terrors; 12 nasty critters to keep your players on their toes including mutant black widow spiders, jumping wood ticks, saw jawed newts and grass leeches to name a few. We also cover how to assign NPCs for your players to control complete with a randomized selection, articles on the difference between scavengers and excavators, outrunning your comrades, two new NPCs: Graydon the Mad and Zako the Dealer, along with the survival Pistol and Over-Armor-Tac-Harness for new relics.

This issue includes:

Special Critter Issue: Tiny Terrors:: 12 nasty little beasts

2 NPCs

2 New relics

20 Player Character Stereotypes types

Player Controlled NPCs

Outrun Your Comrades

Scavengers and Excavators

32 illustrations
44 pages

Print price $9.99 sold through

PDF price $3.50

Now, here is some art from the latest issue. You can see a larger gallery at our website here.

Now that this issue is out the door, you'll be hearing a lot more from me in coming weeks.

Best regards,


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Excavator Monthly Issue 5 just released!

Whew! We finally sent issue 5 of Excavator Monthly to press, a few weeks late this time. It seems that each issue is getting more challenging to produce and thus hitting the market a bit later.

Here is the pitch...

Camping out in the ruins is insane! But sometimes things go wrong and your dig team has no choice. If you’re gonna do it, then issue 5 explains how. While the hapless PC’s are having their sleep over in the rubble heaps, why not terrorize them? For the GM, we have an article on introducing horror into your post apocalyptic campaign.

In this issue we also present more NPCs, 3 nasty new creatures: The Ponysapien, Botamorto and Gaswing, along with potent relics: the Medusa Stun Staff, Energy Shield, Tactical Knife and Recon Carbine. A new character generation method is also included bringing you the Generic Excavator, plus a new skill: Archery, articles on ruin ecology, using name tags and tent cards, another treasure table, and more!

Excavator Monthly is the official magazine for The Mutant Epoch milieu, covering the TME RPG, fiction, art and more. Not using the Outland System? No worries, there is a ton here that any post apocalyptic GM can utilize.

This issue includes:

Terrorize Them! Horror in a PA setting
2 NPCs
3 New Creatures
4 New relics
Generic Excavator Character type
Camping In The Ruins
Archery Skill
Ruin Ecology

Treasure Table EM4
25 illustration
40 pages

Softcover $9.99 PDF $3.50

Demo Link:

Art Gallery