Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Mutant Epoch Hub Rules book is done.

We are edging very close to a firm, fixed release date, and are just finishing off the last of the free online content, dealing with our web design guys, setting up the password protected Society of Excavators members area and forum... and getting together some art for the many PDFs that users can download for free.

Excited is no word for it.

A final proof copy was sent from last week. Just need to give it a quick look through and assure ourselves that he quality is good ad then as soon as the new site is up and working, we will releases within days. It is looking like the last week of January 2011 is the releases date.

The above image shows a mock up of the free adventure called The Crevice, or at least the earliest online version of it as we plan to update it with more art once we have a free week.

We have been working so hard that we haven't devoted much time to advertising, twitter, blogs, art previews and such. while all these pre-launch promotions are great and highly recommended by marketing people, I'd rather be promoting once I have a product to offer. There will be enough chance to arrange pre-launch hype for other books, as we have several well along in the works including The Mall of Horrors and Pitford: Gateway to the Ruins.
Of course, there is the monthly magazine. We don't have a set date for when the first of those come out, and would like to get the first three issues loaded and ready for the market before we release the first issue of Excavator Monthly. The covers, articles and much of the art is done for the magazine already, we just need to assemble them and give them each a final edit.

Thanks to all of you who have been so patient,
Happy New Years!

Creative Director
Outland Arts