Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Beyond Red Crater Released!

Whether you’re new to the Mutant Epoch RPG or not, Beyond Red Crater is a challenging, low rank adventure which sees the characters venture across an inhospitable wasteland and into an ancient dome. While taking great risks, braving new horrors and immersing themselves in the middle of long standing conflicts, surviving excavators will unearth lost knowledge, potent relics, and startling ordeals.

Here is the official blurb:

You and your fellow excavators have reunited after six years and returned to the wasteland. Following a tattered map you set out in search of vengeance, glory and mighty relics in an ancient facility; a dome beyond Red Crater.

In this fast paced adventure, characters reunite to fulfill an old request. Their journey takes them passed a cursed crater, through ruins and ravines, over a river and across a salt flat to the foot of a concrete edifice. Therein, ancient technology and terrible beasts resist their advance as they uncover ancient treasures, twisted schemes, and nameless perils within the mysterious dome. 
For 6 to 10 first rank characters, this module isn’t setting specific and can either be dropped into a GM’s own campaign region or take place in the Crossroads Region by substituting Rust Watch for the fortified town of Pitford.

Included in this 132 page book are
81 Illustrations
6 maps
8 Player Handouts
2 New relics
1 new creature
8 Pre-generated player characters
13 NPCs

 Curious about buying a copy? The print book can be seen at these sites Createspace.com, Lulu.com and Amazon.com or get the pdf at rpgnow.com

And now for some artwork from the book. You can also check out an art gallery we've posted on the public area of the mutant epoch website here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tommy's Top Six of 2012 and Birthday Blog Giveaway

So, Tommy over at The Most Unread Blog on The Internet. Ever. is running a RPG giveaway contest again this year. He picked The Mutant Epoch as one of the top six games from 2012 and we are going to be giving away both a free PDF and print copy to the winner. There are a lot of other prizes as well. Check it out here: