Friday, June 10, 2011

The Mall of Doom, back cover text

"The meat colored humanoids unleash a deafening howl of alarm, a cacophony which echoes throughout the courtyard and deep into all the nooks and crannies of the old mall. Immediately, answering shrieks and snarls respond and shadows of tall, skinny figures appear on the walls..."

In the twisted, dark future of 24th century America, heroes are needed more than ever. Do you have what it takes to rise up and answer the plea for help of hard pressed humanity?

In this adventure, the characters are recruited to investigate the disappearance and whereabouts of missing townsfolk beneath the recently re-inhabited farm-fortress of Walsave.

Through a series of underground expeditions, they soon discover that there is more to these kidnappings than meets the eye, and that these explorations under the Earth aren’t just a ruin-crawl into the crumbling, artifact rich confines of an ancient shopping complex. Besides the pitfalls and nightmares of the subterranean hell, they must contend with conflicting interests among the villagers as well, including raiders, a bizzare cult, and the ruling founders of this fortified settlement.

Can your characters survive the challenges that await them, or will they meet their end someplace deep below the rubble and junk of a besieged post-apocalyptic village?

The Mall of Doom uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™hub rules RPG game book to play. Although set in the Crossroads Region over former Los Angeles, and a half day’s ride from the sprawling, poverty ridden city of Overpass, the game master can easily drop this adventure into his or her own campaign region. Designed for 6 to 10

first rank characters, this adventure could take surviving characters to the third or fourth rank. Here’s what’s included in this terrifying, fast paced adventure:

• Multi-Path adventure design: never plays the same twice. Design

ed for group gaming or

you can test your survival instincts, knowledge of The Mutant Epoch™, and wits by solo playing .

• PG14 rating due to some of the suggestive themes, horrific circumstances and descriptions; this adventure is not for the squeamish.

• 60 Illustrations • 5 Player Handouts • 6 Maps • 1 New Creature

• 2 New Relics • 136 Pages

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mall of Doom goes to pre-press: Full cover preview here!

Since the release of The Mutant Epoch in April, we have been working double time to get our second book on the market. The Mall of Doom is an adventure for first rank characters and has been a blast to play test. Its probably the most horrific thing I've ever written and not sure what part of my psyche has caused it... you'll see.
Anyhow, the pre-press phase means sending the print files to and then waiting a couple weeks for the book to get here. Once we have our reader sign off on the texts and we like how the cover fits and looks, we can release it. Usually this process takes few back and forth proof
copies to get right, so the release date may be closer to the end of June 2011 instead of the middle of the month as we plan now.

Incidentally, if any of you are interested in publishing your own books on any subject and ever want advice on the print on demand or PDF book publishing process, just email me at . The whole thing is great fun.

Oh that reminds me, one of our readers, Mark Lambert has his big release of a system independent fantasy world setting: World of Trexlin coming up pretty soon. Cool stuff and a great site. check it out and say hello to the team there.

Anyhow here is the cover. Sorry, it doesn't seem to want to enlarge when I click it. Have to fix this.