Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Update on Daughter's Medical Situation and The Flesh Weavers release

Update June 16 2015

We now know the final page count and price for The Flesh Weavers:
104 pages and retail for $14.99 for the print version and $6.99 for the PDF. Not yet sure what the double barrel print+PDF price will be. We may need to add some shipping costs so as to earn some coin after all this.

The rest of the week involves finishing the final edit and inserting those changes, completing the back cover text, creating banner ads and the other promotional online items for the site, and working on making the PDF version 's table of contents and page numbers all clickable links within the document (a big chore).

I had hoped to get his book out in mid May but as many of you know we had a bit of a medical emergency with my youngest daughter. It involved two air ambulance flights, a week long stay in BC children's Hospital and then a week back in the Kamloops hospital and many weeks of home and weekly Hospital IV treatments. She is recovering well after a Abscess that grew out of a sinus infection that got up between her brain and skull and had to have quite a serious surgery that left large stitches on her head. She's only 7 so this has been quite a trial.

Anyhow, they seem to have rid her of the rare infection and she is mending well. As you can guess, working during all this has been tough, partially because I was simply not in the studio. At any rate, I am able to focus more on The Mutant Epoch again and working hard at trying to catch up. My apologies if I haven't answered back some of your tweets and emails, updated the blog,  nor released a newsletter in awhile or kept up on the forums here.

New Creatures of the Apocalypse and a One Day Dig by Danny Seedhouse (Lilac Towers) are all in the works and coming shortly after the release of The Flesh Weavers.
 Thanks for your patience.
Will McAusland