Friday, April 24, 2015

Tyrannosapien Alert

  Okay TME blog followers, we just released yet another free creature of the Apocalypse for you. This is a big fella so maybe don't dump it on  new characters... unless they're players aren't paying attention. Let me introduce to you the Tyrannospaien, a creature that's been eating at me for months and I've been dying to get it completed and out to the community! 

When running away is the smartest thing to do….
Link to free PDF here 

There is no dishonor in fleeing from this howling, dinosaur-like humanoid. Problem is, it’s faster than most of your post-apocalyptic heroes. Ravenous, solitary, smart and swift, the dreaded Tyrannosapien can appear as a normally deadly variant or with one or more nasty mutations. It is an almost perfect hunter, and in an age of nightmarish monsters, this enormous horror has few equals.

This giant of the apocalypse is our 11th free creature and designed to challenge mid rank characters, especially those of naughty players who've been checking their smart phones during game sessions. This is a big PDF for a big creature, being 10 pages long and including a d20 random mutation list and a d100 treasure table for discoveries at one of the beast’s feeding sites. NEW to this addition to the Mutant Epoch’s Creatures of the Apocalypse line are three separate crit tables covering bite, claw and trample attack modes, all to enhance the tragedies that befall characters who cross paths with this lumbering menace.

Although crafted for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game, using the Outland System Game Mechanic, a GM can easily modify the stats for the Tyrannosapien and use the brute with another post-apocalyptic game system. 

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Again, grab your coy right here