Monday, August 15, 2016

Will the Expansion Books Rules by separate or part of the Hub Rules?

In Response to a question on the TME forums by Redworm:: Will the Expansion Books Rules by separate or part of the Hub Rules?

Hello from the wastes,

 Been on a road trip, and seem to have endured back to back expeditions for months now.

As far as the Expansion Rules and the Hub Rules go, no, they will not be combined into one book. This is a great question!
The Expansion Rules is going to have a larger page count than the hub rules, although might have the same density of content only because I want to ensure that the font is bigger. Plus, there will of course be tons of art, and I wanted to make much of it larger, too.

I am really impressed with the community growing here on the forum and am amazed at the content you all are creating. Also, want to thank all of you more experienced players for answering questions for new arrivals to the wasteland. I am often unable to get on here, but aim to spend more time commenting and adding art in September when I am back in civilization more often. We camp a lot, and often there is no web access. Rest assured I am drawing and even inking around the campfire, and crafting rules and adventures on my ipad and laptop whenever possible. Today, taking a ferry from Vancouver Island to the mainland, I drew another take on the gross and mysterious Parasite character type.

Working hard in the hinterlands,
Thanks for the support and enthusiasm you've all shown, and welcome to new members!