Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Update on Daughter's Medical Situation and The Flesh Weavers release

Update June 16 2015

We now know the final page count and price for The Flesh Weavers:
104 pages and retail for $14.99 for the print version and $6.99 for the PDF. Not yet sure what the double barrel print+PDF price will be. We may need to add some shipping costs so as to earn some coin after all this.

The rest of the week involves finishing the final edit and inserting those changes, completing the back cover text, creating banner ads and the other promotional online items for the site, and working on making the PDF version 's table of contents and page numbers all clickable links within the document (a big chore).

I had hoped to get his book out in mid May but as many of you know we had a bit of a medical emergency with my youngest daughter. It involved two air ambulance flights, a week long stay in BC children's Hospital and then a week back in the Kamloops hospital and many weeks of home and weekly Hospital IV treatments. She is recovering well after a Abscess that grew out of a sinus infection that got up between her brain and skull and had to have quite a serious surgery that left large stitches on her head. She's only 7 so this has been quite a trial.

Anyhow, they seem to have rid her of the rare infection and she is mending well. As you can guess, working during all this has been tough, partially because I was simply not in the studio. At any rate, I am able to focus more on The Mutant Epoch again and working hard at trying to catch up. My apologies if I haven't answered back some of your tweets and emails, updated the blog,  nor released a newsletter in awhile or kept up on the forums here.

New Creatures of the Apocalypse and a One Day Dig by Danny Seedhouse (Lilac Towers) are all in the works and coming shortly after the release of The Flesh Weavers.
 Thanks for your patience.
Will McAusland

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sneak peek of upcoming cover for The Flesh Weavers

Hi Epochians,

Just had to share this layout and cover rough for the upcoming book. The Flesh Weavers... set in Pitford, this is a hundred pages of post-apocalyptic nasty business.  Not for beginning characters or squeamish players!

The book should be coming out in early June. Stay tuned!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Tyrannosapien Alert

  Okay TME blog followers, we just released yet another free creature of the Apocalypse for you. This is a big fella so maybe don't dump it on  new characters... unless they're players aren't paying attention. Let me introduce to you the Tyrannospaien, a creature that's been eating at me for months and I've been dying to get it completed and out to the community! 

When running away is the smartest thing to do….
Link to free PDF here 

There is no dishonor in fleeing from this howling, dinosaur-like humanoid. Problem is, it’s faster than most of your post-apocalyptic heroes. Ravenous, solitary, smart and swift, the dreaded Tyrannosapien can appear as a normally deadly variant or with one or more nasty mutations. It is an almost perfect hunter, and in an age of nightmarish monsters, this enormous horror has few equals.

This giant of the apocalypse is our 11th free creature and designed to challenge mid rank characters, especially those of naughty players who've been checking their smart phones during game sessions. This is a big PDF for a big creature, being 10 pages long and including a d20 random mutation list and a d100 treasure table for discoveries at one of the beast’s feeding sites. NEW to this addition to the Mutant Epoch’s Creatures of the Apocalypse line are three separate crit tables covering bite, claw and trample attack modes, all to enhance the tragedies that befall characters who cross paths with this lumbering menace.

Although crafted for The Mutant Epoch role-playing game, using the Outland System Game Mechanic, a GM can easily modify the stats for the Tyrannosapien and use the brute with another post-apocalyptic game system. 

Want more? Sign up for our highly entertaining, media rich ‘Outland Arts Insider’ newsletter for notifications, or, stay tuned to this site for more great RPG PDFs.

Again, grab your coy right here 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Wailing Jhonny is here

 rpgnow link

When you hear their shriek, you know you’re being hunted….

Using echolocation, the enormous, bear sized Wailing Jhonny haunts the twisted woodlands and tangled wastes of the new era. People forced to live near these creatures know well enough to stay the hell out of the woods at night, and lock up their families and livestock. Prowling alone or in packs, these mutated bat-like creatures are voracious omnivores which appear in both a standard and wildly mutated variety.

The Wailing Jhonny was written and illustrated by industry newcomer Camille Robertson. This is our 10th FREE creature of the Apocalypse PDF. It’s a 7 pager and comes with a full page player handout of the cover art. 

Here's the link:

 rpgnow link

Okay, so for a change, I didn't do the art or writing for this supplement. It was all crafted by Camille Robertson, an artist I've know for well over a half decade now but until this point haven't had a chance to collaborate with on anything.  You can find her website here: http://realdealcamille.com/

Saturday, March 14, 2015

All NEW Mutant Epoch Mail Order Bundles

Hi all, 

I spent much of last week doing photography and a ton of Photoshop work, web design and other tasks relating to getting these mail order bundles ready for the fans. Now, to clean up. The garage is full of lights, props and screens... and the studio doesn't have a single flat surface not covered in boxes or shipping material. Got to get the firearms back to my hunter friends, too.

So, here we go...

 The long awaited updated Mutant Epoch Mail order bundles are here! www.outlandarts.com/TME-bundles-zone.htm

Here's the list:

The Backup Bundle for those of you who already bought the old megaton mail order bundle

The Lean & Mean Bundle is just the current 7 books in softcover

The Overwatch Bundle is the deluxe package, with lots of loot including a camo dice bag and the hardcover version of the TME hub Rules.

Here are the pictures of each:


 backup bundle

Lean & Mean

Monday, February 2, 2015

Beneath The Spire and Tunnels & Skulls released tonight!

One Day Digs 3 & 4 are here! Written by Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by yours  truly, this wicked, 18 page double feature is perfect for a one shot game, demo at a convention or store, or starting point for a home campaign.

 Here's the cover to the double feature..
 ODD 3-4 cover

And here is the accompanying text...

Back for more adventure?

Return to a world of post-apocalyptic gonzo adventure with One Day Digs Double Feature 3 & 4! This evening’s first flick is irresistible, especially to those cyborgs in your team! Beneath the Spire will electrify your PCs, then, after a short intermission, dim the lights for Tunnels & Skulls, a post-apocalyptic random sewer generator!

Designed for introductory games at conventions, game stores, and private home tables, One Day Digs are the brain child of author Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by Will McAusland. They are crafted to showcase a bit of The Mutant Epoch setting and flavor, introduce some creatures and relics, as well as offer an example of how the Outland System game mechanic works. For the most part, these adventures are for 4 to 6 new PCs of first rank. Not using the Mutant Epoch rules? No sweat, GM’s can easily convert the stats found in these mini-adventures to some other mechanic. 

Beneath the Spire is best suited to character parties with one or two cyborgs, and involves the investigation of a mysterious tower in the wastes, as well as the soothing promises to those of flesh and chrome, bone and steel. This adventure includes a full page map and new robotic nightmare to challenge your players.  

Tunnels & Skulls involves an assortment of adventure hooks, a random sewer tunnel generator, two gird sheets for your own sewer network maps, a random encounter table, d100 treasure table plus an all new creature (pictured on the cover).
The price for these fast paced missions fits your budget, too! You can pay whatever you want, including nothing at all. But if you like what you see, please throw a buck or two in the tip jar, and leave a review someplace. Brandon and I sure would appreciate it! 

Although a small product, they both have a full color cover image. I must say, after doing all the grayscale paintings for the bestiary, it was so much fun to do some color work again. Had a blast on these two very different scenes. 


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hello Mutant Epoch Blog followers,

So, as this blog is supposed to be more of a game designer's journal, I thought I'd share a bit of the behind the scenes look at the release of a new free creature. This one was designed and written by Danny Seedhouse and was published about an hour ago. Here's the cover and blurb and then scroll down where I'll talk a bit about the process....

A nightmare weapon from the old wars has returned!

From the ancient conflicts that caused the final collapse of human civilization, these bear sized military bio-weapons continue to wreak havoc into the new era. Encountered as wild predators or armored sentinels for high tech enclaves, Spikers are murderous foes and a serious challenge to any excavation team.

Designed and written by Danny Seedhouse, the Spiker is our 9th free Creature of the Apocalypse. This brute comes in both a wild and armored variant with the wild specimen often exhibiting extra mutations, while the armored version comes equipped with a rich assortment of randomly determined back-mounted relic firepower.
            Crafted to confront mid to high rank characters, these freaky, unpredictable monsters bring some serious firepower to the table, and can dish out the sort of ranged attack abilities that normally only player characters enjoy.

This is a 6 page PDF and includes a full page image of cover art for use as a player handout. 

 spiker sheets

...Okay, so the spiker started off as just the wild version and was called a 'dart runner'. It was first crafted back in 2013 and Mr. Seedhouse wrote it up, adding the more dangerous, but controlled armored version. 
 With the Crossroads Region book, the Handcrafted Dungeon sets and Mutant Bestiary One on the go, the spikers languished on the shelves for long time. 
          Here's the pencil sketch of the wild spiker:

The pencil drawing was scanned at 300dpi and painted in photoshop,  within a scene that included the armored spiker. I made sure to keep the spikers on separate layers so I could easily pull them out of the image to use as stand alone graphics as follows:
       Between the painting and final edits, and layout, it took about 6 days to craft the free PDF. The Pencil art and Danny's text were complete over a year ago. 
        There is something sweet about getting out a gaming supplement in a couple of weeks instead of a couple of years. After the extra six months it took to do all the art for the bestiary, working on small, bite sized projects is a step down as far as stress goes. Still, we released the spiker soon after the Mutant Bestiary One book came out to take advantage of the marketing surrounding that book, and push attention to the 148 page manual of mutant monsters. If you grab the new spiker PDF, you'll see that page 7 is a full ad for the bestiary. We couldn't resit and will report back if we see any sort of spike in sales.