Monday, May 6, 2019

Expansion Rules Ink Art and update from the Mutant Lord

Hello Epochians, I'm back with a huge array of newly finished inks for the upcoming TME Expansion Rules. I am posting this both here on the forums and my blog. These images, shown at the bottom of this post,  are also posted to the website now at the book's own art gallery here:

I've been in a deep, deep creative cave all winter, and supporting my family by producing a ton of art for Goodman Games and a select few other RPG publishers, but for the most part, working on the Expansion Rules and the Mutant Epoch novel series. yes, although I am using a pen name for the serial style, fast-paced TME Fiction series, it is me. After three years of all most full-time writing, The first draft is now written and I will be spending about three hours a day doing my initial author edits over the next year.

Why novels and not RPG content? Well, the game actually comes from a massive novel I wrote many years before and takes place in the Shallow Sea Region just north of the Crossroads Region. And many of you might not know this but I originally set out to be a novelist and not a game designer or illustrator. I learned to draw and paint so I could do the maps, interior inks and covers for my books, and sorta fell into illustration work by accident but have always been a tabletop gamer since I was very young.

Anyway, back to the Expansion Rules.
I get a lot of questions about the release date and I am honored by the interest and believe me it does encourage me, but the only fixed date I know it will be ready by is this coming September when I must have a stack of print copies at my booth at two local game conventions here in my home town (AttackX and Kamcon). But, to have print copies shipped here to Canada means the books will have to be available far sooner than that, so I am thinking August. Yet, unlike the hub rules, which I rushed to release perhaps a month or two before I was really ready, I will go with the 'no wine before it's time' mantra and only release it if it's as perfect as my team and I can make it. In the meantime, I will be posting almost daily art updates on the following social media sites: (where I am probably most active whenever I can find my phone) (which replaces G+ and I like a lot) (I love-hate facebook and am so confused by the interface, changes and all the different notifications, and distrustful of the people who own and run the service... yet this is where so many TME fans hang out and it is a very lively feed. So, I love the Epochians but hate the site, in short.) ( not really social media but I love it. Feel free to pin TME art to your boards; it helps it spread the word) (reliable workhorse, but not sure how many people use it anymore)

Feel free to post these images to your own feeds with mention of the Mutant Epoch RPG and website ( ) whenever possible. This game generally gets 5-star reviews, but what I learned from going to GenCon 2017 was that nobody has heard of it, and it is obscurity that all authors dread more than even potential bad reviews. More on that later, and how I can encourage reviews and the introduction of TME to the TTRPG world.
Stay tuned for more shorty as I am going to the inking table right now.

Finally, I apologize for my hermit-like departure from the forums for so many months but know that I work on this stuff every single day, sometimes 12 hours a day, and there is a storm of content in production.

Kindest regards from the southwestern of Canada,
William 'Mutant Lord' McAusland

Friday, September 21, 2018

Gun Station Gamma and special thanks to Danny Seedhouse and the playtesters of Attack-X 2018

The shifting sands have once more revealed the great gun. Can your dig team survive the wastes to reach it? What secrets and ancient treasures are found within… and what mutated and mechanical horrors call this place home?

Someplace in the dunes, near a dead city of the oldsters, stands Gun Station Gamma, once more emerging from the shifting sands. The intrepid excavators set out to investigate the fabled gun emplacement, having heard rumors of missing dig teams being taken there, of the vile humanoid occupants, of heartless slavers, and a great trove of relic treasures within.

In this rapid-fire adventure, the excavators face sandstorms, thirst, predators, and pitfalls before ever reaching their destination — and once they find it, then the trouble begins. What mad experiments, pitiless torments, evil ambitions await within this much-coveted installation in the wastes? Will the adventurers emerge triumphantly and put an end to a festering malice, or go out in a blaze of nuclear fire?

Gun Station Gamma, our 11th book, uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play.  Designed for 6 to 10 third to fourth rank characters, this module is not setting specific, but if using the Crossroads Region as your campaign area, then the dig team can set out from Pitford.

• Rapid Fire adventure design: Crafted for group gaming of The Mutant Epoch™ RPG  with
 generally set locations and encounters, although with our usual mix of rich random loot tables.
• 31 Illustrations   • 1 Player Handout   • 3 Maps   • 4 New Creatures
• 61 Pages
• Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) Members can freely download all the maps, critters
and handouts at

7 page Sample PDF right here:


 PDF $4.99 via Gumroad

 PDF $4.99 via RPGnow

 PDF $4.99 via Drivethrurpg

Print book $11.99 on Amazon

Special thanks to Danny Seedhouse for running this adventure at Attack-X 2018 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He ran TME from before I arrived at the convention in the morning until well into the evening —  a remarkable feat, telling of his high endurance trait value! I’d also like to thank these playtesters, who were just a few of those who sent their characters into the junk storms looking for Gun Station Gamma: Karen Flores, Cecilia Castro, Kendall Mayer, Sam Augustini, Chance Butler, Jess Lawrence, Angus Redford, and many others.

While I am supposed to be focusing on The Expansion Rules, I found myself picking away at this adventure over the summer, based on art and ideas that have been scratching at the inside of my skull for a long time. I mistakingly figured that I could create a shorter 24 page adventure of the sort I work on as an illustrator for Goodman Games, selling them for $9.99 as they do.  Well, one thing led to another, as they say, and this little convention-bound project grew to the 61 pages it is now. While the aim was to have it ready for the local game convention (Attack-X), try as I might, I was unable to have a stack of printed copies ready for sale, but I did have the finished proofs there.
While the Expansion Rules is my main ongoing focus, I would like to get to The Bunker which is part two of Gun Station Gamma, but the much-anticipated X rules book has got to come first.

Of note, Gun Station Gamma’s cover art was hand painted in acrylics. While it takes about twice as long to paint a cover by hand, as opposed to digitally coloring over a grayscale scan, I do love to have the original art around. As for doing the cover to the Expansion Rules by hand or digital, I am as yet undecided.

Friday, September 14, 2018

We're At Attack-X Wargaming Expo in Kamloops British Columbia

So the first day at Attack-X is over and I am home having a glass of red wine.
Losing my voice already, but had a great time today.
Special Thanks to Danny Seedhouse for helping with The Mutant Epoch and manning the booth while I went for supper at the Den Pub at Thompson Rivers University.
Looking forward to the big day tomorrow. If you're in the Kamloops area, come by and let's create a character and I'll draw the freak's portrait!
Here a look at our very modest booth. Sorry, no Chaingun this year (not enough room)

In other news, we aim to release a 62page adventure called Gun Station Gamma next week! So watch this space for that.
Goodnight! WM

Friday, April 6, 2018

Working on the Expansion Rules

Did you get our latest Outland Arts Insider newsletter?

If not, email me at and I'll get you on the list... although a few of you had emails bounce back as your mailboxes appear to be full!

In the latest newsletter, we covered new releases of Fantasy Clip Inks (4 new spot art sets) as well as the big news that we've created the permanent home of the upcoming and long-awaited TME Expansion Rules. On this page, I added the most recent Table of Contents, a link to a sketchbook section of the site, as well as a request from the community to submit content for possible inclusion in this mighty tome.

We want Epochians to contribute mutations, flaw mutations, minor mutations, cybernetic implants, relics and even some optional rules. We are looking for things you've used at your table or seen in other games and media that you think The Mutant Epoch milieu really needs to add.

To make The Mutant Epoch into the best supported, most content-rich post-apocalyptic RPG — which is our goal here at Outland Arts — I need your help.
Besides spreading the word, running TME at your local convention, game store, kitchen table and posting reviews far and wide, I need your creativity.

You'll get your name in the credits and noted right in the rules under the name of the new mutation or item, plus, if there is any art that happens to go along with the implant or deviation, I'll mail you the original... but keep in mind that I work very small, (see the drawings you see in the hub rules) and by no means wall art. Still, their small size means I can slip them in a standard envelope an afford to send them off with a regular US stamp (about $1.80 cdn). Oh, and you'll get the PDF book for free, too.

I can't begin to say when the Expansion Rules will be released, but keep in mind it took 7 years for me to finalize, insert the edits and do all the art for the Hub Rules. At that time, I still had many small children at home and plenty of client jobs. This time, with what can be described as part 2 of the hub rules, the xRulz (not an official code for the book but I kinda like it) I already have half the writing done, know what I am doing, and my kids are older now... and I have 575 SOE members... and you, the few who follow this blog!

I do need to continue taking freelance illustration jobs to make ends meet, and pause in production to release one day digs, short adventures, and other product lines just to maintain the sales levels that currently exist to afford to live, so sadly can't work full time on the new rules book like I wish.

I have considered a kick starter, have tried (to crickets because I think I'm doing it wrong:, and could put up a PayPal donate button on the TME site, but am not sure about these options. The one big thing about a Kickstarter campaign is that besides it being a ton of work to set up and having the cover art done and whatnot, it might actually bring a huge degree of exposure to The Mutant Epoch. Exposure seems to be the biggest hurdle The Mutant Epoch faces. At GenCon last year, I met a lot of people who simply have never heard of it, and as some of you have recently told me, a great many gamers say the same thing... that TME is unknown to them. Shit, I think I'll need some help on spreading the word.

Please comment on this below, or email with Expansion Rules goodies.
All the best

Friday, February 2, 2018

Baby Bupu, our 8th One Day Dig, just released!

A rampaging Rubble Troll
A village in crisis
A quest for answers undertaken

While making their way to the far off ancient metropolis to undertake their next dig, the excavators come across a village in chaos. Their guardian, A rubble troll, seems to have gone mad, and ransacks the countryside, ruining the crops, damaging the houses and causing great worry among the inhabitants of Alnwick.

With pleas for help, and a sizable offer of silver, the villagers recruit the passing diggers to discoverer the truth behind the behavior of the mutant monster - a normally peaceful monster that keeps away those that would eagerly wipe out the community if given half a chance.

What perils and pitfalls await the adventurers as they investigate the countryside around the tiny farming town, and who or what is responsible for this calamity?

This is our 8th One Day Dig, written by Tim Schuster, and is a Pay What You Want adventure suitable for both new and experienced players using characters of 1st or 2nd rank and can be placed in the Crossroads Region or the Game Master's own setting. It includes 2 maps, 14 illustrations, and is 14 pages in length. Stand by, Epochians, for yet more post-apocalyptic gaming goodness from Outland Arts.

Gumroad (where we earn 95% commission and you get the same download!)

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Coming Tomorrow, Friday February 2nd 2018, 

One Day Dig 8:: Baby Bupu 
by Tim Schuster!

Here is the hand painted 8x11" acrylic cover art


Thursday, December 28, 2017

Gel-Bak Alert:: New Creature of the Apocalypse sighted!

Even during expeditions into the ruins, always pack some wine and beer to trade – it could save your life!

Our 21st Creature of the Apocalypse is here. This Pay What You Want, 10 page mutant freak can either be a cunning and brutish opponent, but at other times – so long as the travelers have booze to trade - can provide them with excellent intel on the local ruins or nearby wasteland.

For those of you who have collected the first thirteen free critters, you'll notice two things.
First, where are creatures 14 to 20, you ask? Well, they're included in the Creatures of the Apocalypse Codex, a for purchase book (pdf $9.99, print $19.99) which includes the 13 free critters, plus the Muto Harpy (members only creature) plus 6 all new, highly detailed freaks including The Walking Mouther, Rubble Troll, Snaykin, Nubinz, Apocalypse Moth and the Spider Lord. Curious? See it here.

Secondly,we've pushed this PDF as a 'Pay What You Want' release, and while most people grab such online content on a try before you buy, 'free' basis, we hope that if you like what you see you can throw some coins in our tip jar.

Stay tuned for future releases for The Mutant Epoch RPG. Next up is a One Day Dig by Tim Schuster called Baby Bapu.

Here is the link to the Gel-Bak free PDF:


Happy Gaming,
            William McAusland
Creator of The Mutant Epoch RPG