Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beware the Great Worm

Thought we’d add another entry today as this digital grayscale painting was just completed.

This is the last image for the creature section of the Mutant Epoch Hub Rules RPG book. It is a half pager that took me a couple of days to pull off. It shows up small here but if you click on the image it should resize to a larger view.

In this scene I wanted to show a few diggers in the ruined streets of an ancient city, perhaps getting the hell outa the underground levels after disturbing something big… which followed them up and now emerges. Notice the feet of the guy with the shotgun. There is some debris across his path. He needs top make a perception based hazard check to see if he sees the bar or not. If not, he trips and the enormous jaw worm gets the initiative.

More art and news coming soon. Back to work on the Cover art and design.


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