Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Bookmarks have gone to press

We have been working double time on The Mutant Epoch RPG these past months, and are in the home stretch now. In anticipation of the game's release this October, and making ready for our info-play testing booth at BicCon 2010, we've ordered a huge run of bookmarks. We've decided to use Keeper Kard out of Vancouver for the run of 2500 bookmarks, as I've used them for over a decade in my illustration and design career and have always been very pleased with their prices, service and the quality of the printing. Their turn around time is also excellent. Check them out at:

Since the bookmarks use the the cover of TME's Hub Rules book, we spent a few weeks going back and forth with the back cover blurb, and made a modified version for the back of the bookmarks. Special thanks go out to my editor Ann Silbernagel, my creative associate Bill Frymire, and Mark Lambert over at Trexlin .com for his enormous help and excellent suggestions on the text. We took a lot of Mark's wording and worked it into the copy, so he can expect a free copy of the book in the mail when it comes out!

As you can imagine, I am very excited to send these bookmarks out as the first step in getting the Hub Rules book off to press. As a graphic designer, I've sent many dozens of books to print, and it is always an exciting process, but working on one's own project and sending it to press for the first time has a level of exhilaration and stress to it that is not easily described without first
experiencing it for yourself.

As BigCon looms up at us like some armor and spike encrusted post apocalyptic RV, we've focused less on the preview site, blog and twitter feed and instead are using those hours to get the latest art into the layout, more play testing and more content for the official site. There is so much work yet to be done, and having the hub rules for sale at BigCon is no longer a possibility, but we do want to have a review copy there if humanly possible.

Anyhow, here are the bookmarks, click to enlarge

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