Monday, September 26, 2011

BigCon 2011 and Roleplayers Chronicle Designer's Diary

I think I'll post this on the private SOE forums as well, but for those of you who don't wander over there, here we go...

Well, Another BigCon gaming convention has come and gone. I've caught up on my sleep but
now we need to get back to issue three of Excavator Monthly... and promotions.

Here is a snap shot of our booth from my blackberry. I'll post more from later in the con as I get
them from other attendees and staff.

There were't as many people at the convention as I'd hoped, but the ones who were there were sure the right ones. Thank you all who came to the booth and rolled up a character and bought a copy of the Mutant Epoch and Mall of Doom. And thanks to Adam Trudel, High Octane Comics, All Aboard Games, The Kamloops Anime Club, The Zoo, and so many others for all their hard
work, especially the minion volunteers.

I have to say that setting up at a gaming con is one of the most exhausting, yet fun, things have ever done, at least in recent years. I can't imagine doing this at GenCon for three days with so many gamers around. I'd need a team to man the booth so I could at least go pee.

Looks like we will need to restock our local inventory.

In other news, Aaron T. Huss over at Roleplayers Chronicle asked us some questions about The Mutant Epoch and just released them in their Designer's Diary.

If any of you want to login over there and make some favorable comments, they would be worth their weight in silver to us. Here is the link:

Will McAusland

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