Sunday, July 8, 2012

Great Indie RPG Giveaway and Excavator Monthly Compendium

Just a couple of quick announcements from the wastelands...

 Have you heard about the Great Indie RPG Giveaway contest over at Roleplayers Chronicle? Its free to enter and you can try and win each of 5 huge indie RPG prize packs. We're of course donating a print copy of the TME Hub Rules and intend to give away much more next year. The entry deadline is July 22nd so hurry up and check it out.

In other news, we are a day or two away from releasing Excavator Monthly Compendium. This is going to be a single PDF or print book assemblage  containing all six copies of Excavator Monthly magazine. Here's the politically incorrect cover... 

Excavator Monthly Compendium Back cover copy

Now you can get all six copies of Excavator Monthly Magazine in one book! Each article, relic, mutant beast, non-player character and other feature has been placed into categories within this hefty tome. Never forget a copy again. Both game masters and players of The Mutant Epoch role playing game can carry all the magazines in one handy book and quickly flip to any resource with ease.

Excavator Monthly Compendium includes:
 27 Nasty Mutant Creatures   13 Potent Relics   6 Alternate Character Generation Methods    2 New Skills: Acrobatics and Archery    12 Non-Player Character Friends and Foes    162 Illustrations   9 Assorted Articles   Short Story: Demon in the Depths   10 Game Master Only Articles   8 Players Perspective Articles   4 Treasure Tables    And much more!

 260 pages
 PDF $11.99 or Softcover $26.99

 We'll be sending out a new Outland Arts Insider newsletter shortly with more news and great post apocalyptic media links. Stay tuned.

Mutant Lord 


  1. Just to add a little to this post, especially for those of you not on the SOE member's forum, here is the explanation on why the hell we put all six issues of the magazine into one book. From the book's introduction:

    Why a compendium? At Outland Arts we get it that many players of The Mutant Epoch will have already purchased Excavator Monthly Magazine in either PDF or Print formats, perhaps both, and have no need to get all that content again. For others, buying this book will simplify the acquisition of all 6 issues of the magazine, plus make it easier to bring along and use the content at the game table. This hefty tome is divided into sections and includes areas for game master only articles, topics of interest from a player’s perspective, alternate character generation methods and PC types, a few new skills, non-player characters, foul creatures and wondrous relics, as well as always helpful treasure tables. The entire book closes with an art gallery of all six covers, as well as a robust and highly useful index. For PDF buyers, the index, table of content and numerous locations within the book are hyperlinked allowing users to quickly flip between pages and whole sections of the book.
    At the time of publishing this compendium, we have no plans to go back to a monthly format and instead plan to go with a larger periodical called Excavator Quarterly. We had a great time working on these six issues of Excavator Monthly, and are proud to present them in a single book form. However, each issue took more than a solid month of full time work to put together, making it impossible for us at Outland Arts to get onto the larger source books and adventures which TME game masters and players were clamoring for.
    Whereas Excavator Monthly was about 40 pages, the quarterly will be over 80 pages and allow our writers and game designers to include in-depth coverage of topics, as well as complete adventures, gripping fiction, full page art, and much more. Going with a longer page count magazine also makes economic sense to buyers of print copies since so much of the cost of getting their hands on a magazine is the physical cover of the periodical, as well as the shipping; two prices which vary little based on the page count.
    Putting together this hefty tome was a challenge, but well worth it I think. I know for myself, as a TME game master, having all six print issues of the monthly in one book will really speed things up at our table, since even I could not always recall what relic, creature or character generation method was in which magazine! With these topics divided into their own sections, and all at my fingertips, this book is going to get a lot of use.

    Happy gaming

    William McAusland
    The Mutant Epoch

  2. I think this is a great idea!!
    I will definately be picking this up, even though I have most of the Excavator issues already. Gives me the excuse to share my older ones with potential new TME Gamers! : )