Monday, October 1, 2012

Crossroads Region Gazetteer Art set 1

The first stack of freshly inked art for The Crossroads Region book is now done, getting scanned and placed in the huge book's layout. Where are we at with this? Well, the first 100 pencil  illustrations are done and about half are inked. As there are 300 illustrations plus more than 30 maps, we still have a fair ways to go. Thing is, this is a full time gig for me and I am entirely focused on this book. What does this mean? Maybe I suffer from an over stimulated sense of optimism, as always, but if all goes well we can release the book in mid to late November?   

 So, our main gallery for this book will permanently reside at our website at where we currently have three pages of imagery.  If you want a better view of these and other images, I recommend you check out that gallery. 

 In other news we are just now releasing issue 13 of our newsletter, Outland Arts Insider, so if you aren't on the mailing list for that, and want to be, then go here.

 Now here's the art... enjoy...

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