Monday, July 22, 2013

Well, we just released another free mutant villain for you, and its a gross brute in more ways than one. Now that it is out, back we go to the production on the Crossroads Region book. Got a lot to do still, but if we work hard, we can meet that late August 2013 release date!

 Now to the freak:

As hated as is it is feared, the disgusting, vaguely humanoid, multi-limbed and many headed Junk-Mobster is here.

Our fourth and most disturbing creature of the apocalypse yet. This thing is the stuff of nightmares. Not only can it eviscerate opponents with its elongated, clawed arms, but it often tries to subdue potential mates with net and club, meanwhile unleashing a barrage of mental mutations. Although terrible, mercenary bands, bounty hunters and excavators alike often seek these mutant monsters out, eager to claim the lucrative bounty on them, as well as free prisoners and loot the Rubble-Gangsta’s trove.

Get it free at Drivethrusrpg or RPGnow today! Also, make sure you claim our three previous Creatures of the Apocalypse: The Spike Back, Red Harvester and dreaded Sickle Foot.

PDF cover art

Detail of the handsome fellows

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