Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mutant Bestiary One is here!

What the hell is that?

Mutant Bestiary One is finally here! This much anticipated release is the 7th book for the Mutant Epoch RPG. This collection of freaks will challenge excavators of all ranks, from the blood mole to the earth shaking mobilamortus tree. Included are PC playable races, such as krenth cat-folk, devilkins, dog-boys, anthro-tortoises, bipedal raccoons and pale skinned underfoot.

In this book:

- 173 creatures, from animals like sheep and deer ­- that often exhibit mutations – to predatory plants, bio-weapons, and evolving nightmare freaks.
- Many have their own mutation lists, so making up unique foes is a cinch!
- Encounter tables are divided by terrain and difficulty ratings for low, mid and high rank PCs.
- 167 illustrations
- For SOE members only. The art comes as PDF sheets when you need to declare “This is what you see!”
- Mutant beasts in this collection:
● 16 humanoids
● 68 Animals with off-shoots
● 5 Plants
● 3 Whales
● 11 Insects
● 12 Slugs, snails and mollusks
● 8 Crustaceans
● 7 Cats
● 6 dogs
● 4 Ape variants
● 30 Assorted monsters

Available in both PDF and print or as a ‘Double Barrel‘ Deal whereby if you go direct from us via paypal, you buy the print book and we send you the PDF for free as soon as possible.

PDF 9.99 or print book $22.99

Learn more here:

Some art samples from the book

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