Friday, September 21, 2018

Gun Station Gamma and special thanks to Danny Seedhouse and the playtesters of Attack-X 2018

The shifting sands have once more revealed the great gun. Can your dig team survive the wastes to reach it? What secrets and ancient treasures are found within… and what mutated and mechanical horrors call this place home?

Someplace in the dunes, near a dead city of the oldsters, stands Gun Station Gamma, once more emerging from the shifting sands. The intrepid excavators set out to investigate the fabled gun emplacement, having heard rumors of missing dig teams being taken there, of the vile humanoid occupants, of heartless slavers, and a great trove of relic treasures within.

In this rapid-fire adventure, the excavators face sandstorms, thirst, predators, and pitfalls before ever reaching their destination — and once they find it, then the trouble begins. What mad experiments, pitiless torments, evil ambitions await within this much-coveted installation in the wastes? Will the adventurers emerge triumphantly and put an end to a festering malice, or go out in a blaze of nuclear fire?

Gun Station Gamma, our 11th book, uses the Outland System™ game mechanic and requires only The Mutant Epoch™ hub rules RPG game book to play.  Designed for 6 to 10 third to fourth rank characters, this module is not setting specific, but if using the Crossroads Region as your campaign area, then the dig team can set out from Pitford.

• Rapid Fire adventure design: Crafted for group gaming of The Mutant Epoch™ RPG  with
 generally set locations and encounters, although with our usual mix of rich random loot tables.
• 31 Illustrations   • 1 Player Handout   • 3 Maps   • 4 New Creatures
• 61 Pages
• Plus, SOE (Society of Excavator) Members can freely download all the maps, critters
and handouts at

7 page Sample PDF right here:


 PDF $4.99 via Gumroad

 PDF $4.99 via RPGnow

 PDF $4.99 via Drivethrurpg

Print book $11.99 on Amazon

Special thanks to Danny Seedhouse for running this adventure at Attack-X 2018 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. He ran TME from before I arrived at the convention in the morning until well into the evening —  a remarkable feat, telling of his high endurance trait value! I’d also like to thank these playtesters, who were just a few of those who sent their characters into the junk storms looking for Gun Station Gamma: Karen Flores, Cecilia Castro, Kendall Mayer, Sam Augustini, Chance Butler, Jess Lawrence, Angus Redford, and many others.

While I am supposed to be focusing on The Expansion Rules, I found myself picking away at this adventure over the summer, based on art and ideas that have been scratching at the inside of my skull for a long time. I mistakingly figured that I could create a shorter 24 page adventure of the sort I work on as an illustrator for Goodman Games, selling them for $9.99 as they do.  Well, one thing led to another, as they say, and this little convention-bound project grew to the 61 pages it is now. While the aim was to have it ready for the local game convention (Attack-X), try as I might, I was unable to have a stack of printed copies ready for sale, but I did have the finished proofs there.
While the Expansion Rules is my main ongoing focus, I would like to get to The Bunker which is part two of Gun Station Gamma, but the much-anticipated X rules book has got to come first.

Of note, Gun Station Gamma’s cover art was hand painted in acrylics. While it takes about twice as long to paint a cover by hand, as opposed to digitally coloring over a grayscale scan, I do love to have the original art around. As for doing the cover to the Expansion Rules by hand or digital, I am as yet undecided.

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