Sunday, September 13, 2020

Quick update

Hi Epochians, Sorry I haven't posted anything of late. I've been inundated with some freelance work for Goodman Games,  (got to keep the kids fed and watered) and the other art I'm doing is for Dog Daze, that solo play adventure I've been working on. Can't show the art for that as it'll give away what happens in the dig.

And yes, still working on Expansion rules cover elements and edits and additions. 

As far as my eye goes, I got another surgery in just over a week and I'm hoping for great things, but kinda anxiety-ridden at the same time. This is laser surgery only this time, so the recovery should be much swifter. I hope this fixes the grayed out dead area in that eye's frontal vision. Will keep you posted. 

All the best


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