Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Mutant Epoch RPG pre-release availability tonight!

Get your copy here:

Alas, after several attempts and much bad language, we were able to upload The Mutant Epoch role-playing game just minutes ago. Only about a half hour left in March.

You can get a copy right now at our outland arts lulu store front for $27.99

Keep in mind that this is not our big launch since the PDF version for rpgnow, drive thrurpg and is important, so too is having a working forum and website, but some of you have been very eager and patient and I wanted to make the print version available to you. It will take a week or so to arrive at your door so by that time we should have the web site and forum up and running. At that pint, we will officially launch the game and have it available through every venue we can find.

Next is the interior art for Adventure TME-1: Mall of Doom and the first issue of Excavator Monthly.

Now, time or a big coffee and hours of work on the website while uploading the updated version to our createspace store. We will be ordering a few boxes for local area distribution and mailer copies to reviewers and allies.

Creative Director


  1. I BOUGHT MINE!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!

  2. Hey guys, thanks for ordering The Mutant Epoch! The full website should be up early next week, hopefully before your copies arrive in the mail.

    Hey, Justin, after you check out the creature section, maybe we can add some TME beasts to your blog???

    Best regards,

  3. Best wishes for the release of the book!!

  4. Just placed my order on Lulu now Will. Been looking forward to this one for over a year now.

    Will go check on RPGNow next for the PDF so I can paruse it on break at work.

    Next wish is to get my but out to Kamloops for a Game Session GM'd by you. That is if you are planning on GM'ing any sessions this comming year?

    Are you going to head out to the Calgary Comic Con? I'm headed there on a VIP pass. If you decided to go, even as a Fan I'd love to shoot the shizzit with you about Pen&Paper RPG's and Art.

  5. Ordered my copy! Looking forward to it!!

  6. Hi Brutorz Bill,

    Thanks for ordering a copy! The Pdf content will be available on the website to registered members of the Society of Excavators. Membership is free with ownership of the TME Hub Rules book. On page 2 there is a code called the SOE membership password. Once the site is up in a couple of days, you just email us that code and we send you a user ID and password which gets you into the members only area.

    Let m know when your copy arrives. I am very eager to get your feedback. Perhaps we can do some mutant animal-character content for your blog. I have the art ready.

    Have a great weekend,

  7. Hey Will,
    Sounds Awesome! Would love to collaborate with you on some Mutant Animal Coolness!!
    Hope the mail man brings me my copy soon!

  8. My copy arrived today. It absolutely ROCKS.

    And Mr. Will? I'd LOVE to help out--I'll happily cross-pollinate your stuff with mine. Can't wait!

  9. I got mine on the 7th, just 6 days after orcering! Wow!
    I really like it. Great stuff.
    No mutant plant characters? Any planned? Maybe some Robot characters too.
    Whats next?

  10. Drat still waiting on my copy.
    Oh well, next weekend should be a blast!