Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Mall of Doom goes to pre-press: Full cover preview here!

Since the release of The Mutant Epoch in April, we have been working double time to get our second book on the market. The Mall of Doom is an adventure for first rank characters and has been a blast to play test. Its probably the most horrific thing I've ever written and not sure what part of my psyche has caused it... you'll see.
Anyhow, the pre-press phase means sending the print files to and then waiting a couple weeks for the book to get here. Once we have our reader sign off on the texts and we like how the cover fits and looks, we can release it. Usually this process takes few back and forth proof
copies to get right, so the release date may be closer to the end of June 2011 instead of the middle of the month as we plan now.

Incidentally, if any of you are interested in publishing your own books on any subject and ever want advice on the print on demand or PDF book publishing process, just email me at . The whole thing is great fun.

Oh that reminds me, one of our readers, Mark Lambert has his big release of a system independent fantasy world setting: World of Trexlin coming up pretty soon. Cool stuff and a great site. check it out and say hello to the team there.

Anyhow here is the cover. Sorry, it doesn't seem to want to enlarge when I click it. Have to fix this.


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