Thursday, July 3, 2014

Its play time with Quasi!

Hi Wastelanders,

So, you've probably been hammered by the release announcement of the Quasi, as we've posted it everywhere for the last few hours. Still, I thought I'd stop by the blog here and share this free freak:

Try to avoid getting your character mangled by this hunch backed humanoid. It means no harm. It just has to squeeze its beloved pet so tight!

The Quasi, written by James Butler, is so named after the literary character of Quasimodo. The difference here is that this powerful, childishly curious and moody freak has none of the nobility, empathy or wisdom of the hunchback of Notre-Dame. It instead spends its life making traps, harvesting foodstuffs, and obsessing over a pet or object. Woe to any excavator who becomes the focus of its all-consuming attention, as the Quasi is likely to manhandle, toy with and eventually shatter the person, abandoning the broken pet in some filthy hole or ancient room before turning its attention to whatever takes its fancy next.

This, our 8th Free Creature of the Apocalypse, come sin a 5 page PDF with a list of Quasi mutations as well as sampling of random pets and items the humanoid currently obsesses over. Also included is a full page, text free image of cover art for use as a player handout.  

Stay tuned here, however, as I am converting my blog from an updating venue to more of a creative journal, a place to share the behind the scenes process of making The Mutant Epoch..... past, present and future.

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