Saturday, July 12, 2014

One Day Digs Double Feature is here!

Thought I better share this here just in case some of you haven't already been bombarded by the One Day Digs release news. By the way, right now this first set is in the number two hottest items on! Thanks to all our supporters. We sure appreciate it!

 As mentioned on the forum, I want to use this blog as a creative journal, a web log as what blogs were intended to be. Given that, I'd just like to say  that working with Brandon on this experimental project has been a blast. Working on a creative level, as opposed to technical or editorial level, is quite exciting as I get to read the adventures or creature descriptions along as if  were a gamer and it's thrilling not to know what comes next for the poor players. I have  few artist I work with too, and love to see their creations for the Mutant Epoch. I feel like I am part of a team instead of a lonely hermit working in his pajamas in the wilderness... oh wait... some of that is still true.

 So, here is the blurb on this Pay What You Want sets of short adventures. Please comment on what you think of the format and adventures. Is this something you want to see more of? How can we improve them?
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Do your characters got what it takes?
Step into a world of post-apocalyptic gonzo adventure and find out! Introducing the One Day Digs Double Feature. Starting off with a bang, our first quest is Blood for Bellridge, followed up after a short intermission by Feast of Freaks!

Designed for introductory games at conventions, game stores, and private home tables, One Day Digs are the brain child of author Brandon Goeringer and illustrated by Will McAusland. They are crafted to showcase a bit of The Mutant Epoch setting and flavor, introduce some creatures and relics, as well as offer an example of how the Outland System game mechanic works. For the most part, these adventures are for 4 to 6 new PCs of first rank.

Blood For Bellridge immerses the characters in the rescue of an old friend, and the survival of an emerging town site. Feast of Freaks tests the characters in the swamps as they investigate the disappearance of boat load of medical supplies and her crew. Both adventures are only a few pages long, with creature stats and a full color cover and map included with each. 
The price for these fast paced missions fits your budget perfectly, too! You can pay whatever you want, including nothing at all. But if you like what you see, please feel free to throw a buck or two in the tip jar, and leave a review someplace. Brandon and I sure would appreciate it! 

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