Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Introducing Monday Mutants

So for the past three Mondays, I have released a new creature for the game. Most of the art is stuff I did the pencil work for over the past two years knowing I was planning this collection - although back then I imagined it being called 'Friday Freaks', but, with Fridays being so busy with family event sand and visitors, I thought Monday would be better.

Here's what we say on various storefronts and at our site about these offerings...

Monday Mutants provide game masters with an all-new deviated freak for your next post-apocalyptic Mutant Epoch game session. Until further notice, we will be releasing a new beast every Monday, with a minimum of 12 planned out in advance and more to follow if the first wave meets with a favorable response.

While crafted for The Mutant Epoch RPG, which is armed with the Outland System, GMs can easily modify these wasteland monstrosities to accommodate other game systems. 

Priced to move at the always affordable Pay What You Want cost, these critters are sure to add an element of the unexpected to your next ruin crawl. This first batch is written and illustrated by the creator of the Mutant Epoch, William McAusland. Each includes a full page version of the ink artwork for use as a player hand out – which at our table we simply use within the PDF and hold up the iPad to show the player what their characters see. 

For those of you who like a print book at your table, we aim to compile these weird things into a book once we have plenty of them posted here.

 Of course, I didn't think they would take a full day to write up, layout and publish, even with the main art already done. Why I am concerned is that I have this impossible dream to get the Expansion Rules out for the end of August so I can have a stack of the new books at Attack-X in mid-Septemeber.

While I am still working toward that goal, I have only two and a half months left to finish the last of the writing, paint the cover, do the in interior pencils then inks and then the layout, final edit, and proofread, not to mention playtesting various points along the way. Danny Seedhouse has been doing a ton of the writing and its wicked stuff, so surely couldn't do this without him-- to say nothing of all of you who have submitted mutations, house rules, bestial human templates, relics and much more.

So, as for the Monday Mutants go, I will try to keep them to 5-page PDFs including cover and the full page player handout version at the back.  They are certainly keeping a focus on the game, getting a few donations and perhaps triggering sales and so introducing new fans to the world of the Mutant Epoch. However, I think the real benefit of these weekly freaks will come when I have enough to put them, plus a heap of never before seen extra beasts, into a print and PDF book.

While as mentioned above, the plan is to produce just 12 of these and then see where I am at based on fan response and time limitations, but as you can tell, I love monsters and am thrilled to share these critters with the Epochian community.

Okay, so here are the first three with links to both our gumroad store (where we get 95% of anything you wanna throw in the tip jar) as well as at Drivethrurpg.com (where we get 60%. I am a huge fan of Drivethrurpg.com, but wish they'd pay at least 70% like they used to when I first started working with them. I imagine they will flip to a 50/50 cut in the years ahead since their new store, Dungeon Masters Guild is 50%. has done so.)

If you haven't tried gumroad.com yet, give them a shot even if you're downloading these totally for free, just to see how the system works. I might even make a product that is only available via gumroad just to get people familiar with it and show them how easy it is. And, I must say, it has the sweetest product loading system I have ever seen on any storefront and I expect great things from that site in the future.

Anyway, time to promote the Skayl on the forums, then contact Warehouse 23 store and submit a title there for their consideration -- they might be hosting TME PDFs soon enough if they like what they see.

 Have a great day, Comment, share and all the rest,

Monday Mutants: 1


Released: June 3 2019
The Junko is a lumbering mutie of the wastes, an eater of men, a user of bait loot, and an unpredictable, ravenous foe. Use with caution, as just one of these brutes can result in a TPK of low-rank excavators, especially if the damn thing gets into melee range with a group. 
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Monday Mutants: 2


Released: June 10th 2019
Beaked-Slashos are aggressive, swift-moving pack hunters which inhabit nearly every non-aquatic terrain type. Although they have a beak and squawk and call like vultures, they are actually warm-blooded reptiles. They have night vision and can be found on the prowl any time of day. Their leathery, scale-covered hides are grayish brown in dry or ruin areas, while olive green among strains which dwell in swamps and woodlands. Most exhibit dull, yellow beaks and narrow, blood red eyes, white talons and garish, unnaturally purple tongues, although albino and almost entirely black specimens have been seen.
They use a limited form of inter-species telepathy and can communicate openly with all members of their own kind within a one-kilometer range. They use this power to alert each other to nearby threats, sources of water, carrion, or the arrival of prey animals — including humans and their off-shoots
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Monday Mutants: 3


Released: June 17th 2019

Skayls are entirely carnivorous and favor the flesh of fish, rodents and human-based entities, including their mortal enemies, skullocks.

Territorial, bad-tempered, and prone to worshiping colossal beasts, mad robots or digital beings, these tough little creatures spend their time hunting, patrolling their lands, and seeking new and better weapons with which to engage larger creatures, hostile tribes, or the incursions of human excavation teams.

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Oh, I should mention we've set up a Monday Mutants webpage http://www.outlandarts.com/mondaymutants.htm 

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