Monday, September 30, 2019

Eye issues, the damn sequel:: Retinal Detachment

My earlier eye surgery failed, retina tear turned into a much worse retinal detachment.

Noticed it camping over the previous weekend as vision stopped its rapid improvement and a great dark curtain fell across my vision from the nose to about halfway across my right eye’s field of view. Got an emergency inspection by my regular eye doctor and my wife drove me to another city to see a specialist.

Had a short surgery in Kelowna Monday and then had to eat, sleep, and travel face down for several days which was hell on my neck and back.

Last Thursday I had an hour-long horror show of a surgery here in Kamloops. Science Fiction reference aplenty but I’d prefer to have been unconscious for that sorta thing in the future.

Right after the surgery. I'm smiling, sorta, because the freezing hasn't come out yet.  Wasn't looking so smug around 7pm that night. Tylenol allowed me to sleep a few hours - face down on a special foam pillow.
The morning after the surgery. Posted this in blue to spare you the gore.
My wife’s parents drove me back to Kelowna for the follow-up and somewhat gory bandage removal early the next morning. Doctor was very happy with the results but the ‘heavy oil’ they put in my eye to stabilize it won’t be removed until December during another surgery... so will I be a one-eyed near useless specimen until after that? F**k.

Returning from Kelowna the morning after the surgery and post-op follow-up. It was good news from the doctor that the surgery went well. Another surgery in December, however. 

At least doc thinks the eye has been saved but will be a lifelong concern. The removal of the tiny cataract in that eye some years ago seems to be the likely culprit.

Home now with a bloody swollen eye, on T3s and now able to lie on my back or sit at the drawing table and fantasize about drawing, inking, and oil painting. I am, however, able to use my left eye to doodle and ink previously penciled art for the Expansion Rules but need to go real easy. As for working on a computer, that might be weeks away.
What an ordeal.

I’ll add updates and bits of art when able. This will, of course, delay the New book’s release, but at least the incredibly talented doctors saved the eye.


I didn't get too far from bed this weekend, and one of my cat's Rory, would not leave my side!  

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